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I started LGM Marketing Group becasue I have a passion for marketing. 

From an early age I demonstrated that I had a special interest in marketing and my wife has an entrepreneurial spirit.  She helped me start LGM Marekting Group and we also opened a nail salon. We stay busy with 3 sons (Logan, Gavin, Maximus) – That is what LGM stands for. So with that being said you can say that LGM is our focus in more ways than one. For a more personal look into Jose Claudio click here.

LGM Marketing Group is based out of Orlando F.L. and we help clients from across the United States to grow their business.

Every small business needs to have an online presence and that is why we offer a free website design for all small businesses.

Once we create a Google optimized website for you, we will create a personalized marketing plan for your business. This will give you a good idea of what will be needed to grow your business when you are ready to do so.

Discover what secret powers a marketing plan can have on the growth of your business today.

What We Can Do For You

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Paid Marketing

We can create & manage your ads on Google, Bing, YouTube, Native. Paid ads can get your business leads over night.

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Website Design

With a professionally created website you will be able to direct potential clients to your website and this will set you apart from the competition.

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Creating keyword targeted content for your website will give your website a long lasting presence on Google. You will get free Google traffic once content ranks.

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31923 Geoff way, sorrento F.L. 32776 lgmmarketinggroup1@google.com

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It is like the traffic of people searching on Google is a river and your hair salon is a bucket. Your objective is to get the water from the river into your bucket. You do not need the whole river, all you need is a small portion of the traffic every day. A website will be like a pipe that funnels a small portion of this water into your bucket.