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Affiliate marketing is difficult to learn. After taking many different courses that teach the best and easiest ways to make money online I know what courses can help you make money online with affiliate marketing.

The best affiliate marketing courses are:

  • Dij University – Native ads, sweepstake offers, Push ads, adult offers, Nutra offers
  • Income School – Blog creation, YouTube, Info Products, Ad space revenue 
  • John Crestani Affiliate Course – Free traffic sources, Social Media Traffic
  • Click Bank University – Digital marketing related to offers on ClickBank 

Some courses out there will not teach you current affiliate marketing strategies. The issue with this is that affiliate marketing is always changing and what worked last year will not work this year. 

I will not mention other affiliate marketing courses that were a waste of time and money but these helped me out a lot. 

What works for one person may not work for you. You will have to know what you want to do to start your affiliate marketing business. Some courses may teach a strategy that you do not want to do. Some courses may teach paid traffic and others may teach free traffic sources. 

We will discuss what is in each course and you can make the decision of what affiliate marketing course is best for you. This can mean the difference between making a lot of money or failing.

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Further down we will review the following topics (click on the link to skip down):

  • What is the best affiliate marketing course?
  • How do you become an affiliate marketer?
  • What do I need to learn to make money with affiliate marketing?
  • Affiliate marketing for dummies
  • Is affiliate marketing legit?
  • How to start affiliate marketing?

What is the best affiliate marketing course?

The best affiliate marketing course depends on what you want to focus your business on. If you want to use paid traffic as your traffic source Dij University will teach you the skills needed to find success. A course for free traffic with your own blog Income School is a fine solution.

To answer the question “What is the best affiliate marketing course” you will have to decide what you want to focus your affiliate marketing business in. 

With affiliate marketing, you have different strategies that you can use to find success. 

Paid Traffic:

Paid traffic can get results faster but you also can burn through money if you are still learning how to build converting sales funnels.

This is why paid traffic can be dangerous. Most people want to get rich quick and not put in the work to actually learn the skills and build a business. They will buy traffic and get no results in two months and quit saying that affiliate marketing is a scam.

Another negative to paid traffic is that you will need a bigger budget. 

Even if you know what you are doing it will take testing different offers, creatives, angles before you find one that is profitable. 

real estate money

This will take a couple of thousand dollars to do and if you are targeting high-end offers with higher payouts you will need more than that to start. 

This is a business and the investment to get started may be out of most people’s reach.

However, if you feel that you can manage learning affiliate marketing and pay for traffic the course for you is Dij University.

 The course no longer focuses on social media traffic as a source because social media traffic has become strict with its ad policy. 

I have had countless account bans now and I no longer promote affiliate offers on social media. To me, it is near impossible.

Some people still do it but I personally have left this strategy and no longer do it. If you have your own product that you want to promote then it is a good traffic source. But for affiliate offers, I would not waste my time. 

You may want to try it if you like but be ready for account bans. 

Google and bing paid traffic is expensive and I recommend search paid traffic to more experienced affiliate marketers and or to anyone who owns a product. 

When you own the product you have more room to invest in marketing because your margin is higher. 

The reason why I recommend Dij University is because the strategy that the course teaches is perfect for anyone who is starting their affiliate marketing business to find success. 

Sweepstake offers on push ad, pop-up ads are the sweet spot and the course teaches exactly that. 

The course teaches other things and also has an active community. You also get access to some essential affiliate marketing tools. These tools are a must and it is a one-stop for the students and it streamlines the process of its students to find success. 

Another fantastic strategy that I learned from the Dij University course was Native ads.

I absolutely loved this training from the Dij University training. After I learned the secrets of native ads I completely stopped all affiliate offers on social media. 

The ad policies are not as strict and you can be aggressive with your sales funnel. No account bans are a big deal to me. 

However, you do lose on the hyper-focused targeting you get from social media campaigns. With Facebook and Instagram campaigns you can target a single woman between 25-35 that live in Miami F.L. and who have an interest in purses.

This type of targeting is not possible with native ads but that is why you have to test constantly and is more difficult for new affiliate marketers.

For anyone who wants to learn paid traffic that is good for affiliate offers Dij University is perfect for you. You will learn the easy and more advanced stuff.

Click the button and a new tab will open to a video for the training course.

Free traffic:

It is better to start out with free traffic sources. The best strategy for free traffic sources is for you to create your own website with a blog. 

Free traffic to your website will take time to build up. It will take a lot of hard work and dedication. You will have to sacrifice time and you will have to learn different marketing skills. 

The major downside to building a blog and getting enough traffic for you to make a lot of money will take time.

With new websites, it will take time for your website to build enough domain authority to rank high in Google’s search engine.

It will be worth it if you can generate enough traffic to your website because you are saving on paying for traffic. 

The issue with your website taking so much time to rank is that you will not know if you did something right or wrong for months.

This can be an issue because you can spend months doing something wrong and not realize it. Losing this time can really make you want to give up. 

This is why finding a course that is going to teach you exactly what you want to learn can really make the difference between finding success.

If you are looking for free traffic and are up to put in the work Income School’s course is top-notch. This course is the best on the internet because it is very transparent in what they teach and what you can expect to get out of the course. 

It is upfront about the course not being a get rich scheme. The course is actually called project 24 because it takes 24 months for you to reach a point where you can earn enough money every month to leave your job.

It is not easy but this course is a must if you are planning on creating a website of your own and want to monetize it with affiliate links and ads. I started my website before I joined income schools project 24 and I was about 2 months into my website when I joined. 

I joined the day my wife lost her job. I know that may sound crazy but I joined in the morning and she lost her job that afternoon. So when I joined I had no idea what was about to happen to us.

But it turned out to be worth every penny because I learned early on that an important part of blogging and content creation is keyword research, title creation, and snippet optimization. I pretty much wasted 2 months of work. 

I had to go back and rewrite all of the posts that I had done in the last two months. 

This is why a few hundred dollars invested in your affiliate business can really mean the difference between success and failure.

I would not have learned what I learned from project 24 I would have continued doing it wrong for one to two years and when I saw that the traffic was not coming in I would have had to try and figure out what was wrong. 

Losing this amount of time when I could have invested in my business and possibly made a lot of money. 

make money online up arrow

People spend thousands of dollars on starting a business or their college degree for the possibility of making money. But when it comes to investing in a legitimate online business they rather not invest any money and figure it out on their own.

Other people have gone through the process and have figured out what works and what does not work. 

It is foolish not to take help.

I love income School’s project 24 and the community is active and we are always trying to help people out. 

This part of the school is worth it all by itself. The fact that you have a resource at your disposal to ask questions is fantastic and can come through for you when in doubt about what to do.

We are all learning and no one knows it all because affiliate marketing is ever-changing and a course that has a live community so we all can share and learn from each other is necessary. 

This button will open up a new tab taking you to Income Schools information video

How do you become an affiliate marketer?

To become an affiliate marketer you will have to first decide on what type of traffic you will use to promote your affiliate links. After you have decided on the traffic source then you will have to decide on a vertical to find offers in. Then you will create ads on the traffic source. 

This is a simplified condensed version of what you need to do to start your affiliate marketing career. This will be a challenge when starting out because you will not know what offers are best. 

You do not know what traffic courses you should use. You also need to learn how to create a sales funnel for your ads. 

So the answer may seem simple but it is not as easy as it seems.

When starting your affiliate marketing business you will have to first decide what kind of traffic do you want to focus on. For a full breakdown of the best traffic sources for affiliate marketers for different types of offers check out this article: Best traffic sources for affiliate marketers.

Without traffic, you can not make any money. With traffic, you can get more eyes to see your ads and this increases your chances of conversions.

You can create ads on Google search, Native ads, Social Media, Cell phone messages, pop-ups, etc.

All these different types of traffic sources have benefits and negatives. The best traffic source depends on your offer, vertical, location, ad budget.

When you first start your affiliate marketing business you will need to test different things out. This is done so you can decide what is best for you and your style of business. 

If you do not have a large budget paying for ads may not be for you. But if you do have a small budget to start with you may want to try push ads. They are inexpensive and you can test many different offers in different GIO’s.

I recommend a minimum of $1,000-$2,000 for your budget to start.

As a beginner, your successful campaign rate may be between 5%-10%. To test each offer it may take a few hundred dollars. Some Gio’s will be more than others so keep that in mind.

I rarely find much success in lower Gio’s. I am bilingual and I have created ad campaigns in Spanish and targeted the ad in tier two and three Gio’s and I personally can not get them to work.

I recommend tier one countries and the issue with that is that the traffic is more expensive.

You do what you like because affiliate marketing is all about testing and you may be able to discover something that I have not discovered.

Once you have your traffic source and offer picked out, the next step will be to create a campaign. 

It all starts with your ad creativity, the picture is what will catch the viewer’s attention. 

Traffic for affiliate marketers is the most important part of your business but then in a close second place of attention.

The traffic is worthless if you can not get people to look at your ad. Get them to pay attention to your ad and you will be able to lead them to the next step.

This is what we call the sales to funnel.

Your job is to lead them through a sales funnel that gets them to land on the offer and convert because of how you made them feel about buying the product.

People buy because of emotion, the way the product makes them feel. That is why branding is huge, if you can create your own brand and sell an item, your item can sell for 3x more than another exact product because you have a recognized brand on the product.

The steps of your sales funnel should look like this:

  • Ad creative (Picture)
  • Ad title
  • Ad copy (Description)
  • Landing page
  • Offer

Your sales funnel should have these steps in it. So after you have picked out the vertical and offer you want to test, you will decide on a traffic source. 

Then you will create your sales funnel and launch your affiliate marketing ad campaign.

This all may seem like a lot of work and a lot to learn but you have to decide if you really want to pursue a life of working for someone else to get rich or do you want to build something that makes you rich.

If you want to discover how to create sales funnels and what type of landing pages you should use I recommend either one of the following affiliate marketing courses:

What do I need to learn to make money with affiliate marketing?

With affiliate marketing, you will have to learn a few vital marketing skills. In this infographic, you will see the most important skills that every affiliate marketer needs to learn before they can expect to make any money with affiliate marketing.

affiliate marketing skills info-graphic

The affiliate marketing industry is full of competition and learning these basic skills is a must if you expect to make money online with affiliate marketing. 

I highly recommend investing in your business and knowledge. There are a lot of people who are making a killing with affiliate marketing already.

There are others that try affiliate marketing and after a few months fail and walk away from the industry saying that it is impossible. 

What is the difference between the people who are making money and the ones that are not making any money online?

It is knowledge about what works and what doesn’t. 

I have taken a lot of courses and the two best ones out there are the ones I mentioned earlier. 

I learned the most from these two courses. 

I do not recommend for you to take both because they both teach two completely different affiliate marketing strategies. I recommend educating yourself on both but then focusing on one. 

This will allow you to learn this strategy completely and you can learn the other later on when you are making money.

To learn more about affiliate marketing and how to make money online, join the free affiliate marketing community by filling out the information. This may not be as good as an affiliate marketing course but it is free and can help you in deciding what course you want to invest in.

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