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After buying a few affiliate marketing courses I have a good idea of what to look for when choosing a mentor. I will talk about who has helped me most from the mentors that I have invested in.

The best affiliate marketing mentor is someone who has an active community that allows you to share ideas and results among the group. The mentor does not have to have a constant presence in the community but should be sharing helpful tips every so often.

In this post, I want to give you valuable information about what mentors offer tons of value with their course. This information will prevent you from investing in a course that ends up being a huge waste of time and money.

Further down we will review the following topics:

Best affiliate marketing mentor

  • Affiliate marketing mentor for search engine optimization SEO
  • Affiliate marketing mentor for paid traffic
  • Can affiliate marketing make you rich?
  • How long does affiliate marketing take?
  • Best affiliate marketing book
  • Affiliate marketing startup cost
  • How to make money online?

Best affiliate marketing mentor

The best all-around affiliate marketing mentor is John Crestani. His course is a 6-week course that he personally puts together and walks you through the steps that someone needs to take to get started in affiliate marketing. 

John Crestani has been featured on the local news a few times and is well known throughout the affiliate marketing industry. When I took the course I was new to affiliate marketing but I had an understanding of how the industry worked.

You will first start out by setting up your first affiliate marketing profile with Amazon. With Amazon’s affiliate program you will have thousands of different items that you can sell online.

John Crestani’s course helps its students find some interesting ways of finding traffic for their affiliate offers. The course helps set up your first few affiliate network profiles and then it walks you through getting traffic.

The course focuses on free traffic but you can watch John Crestani’s free videos for helpful tips with paid traffic. He also shares some helpful tips on how to get free traffic and how to angle campaigns in a way that you will be able to maximize your revenue.

affiliate marketing startup cost

I have taken a few courses and John Crestani’s course is all around the best affiliate marketing course. How he explains strategies and his secret sauce is so different and interesting. He knows social marketing, native marketing, youtube, etc.

He teaches some gray hat strategies that will help you get an edge. He gave a swipe file and ad creatives as part of the course. Just an all-around solid course.

Examples of some interesting marketing hacks I learned from John was how to create YouTube ads by using old already posted videos. Another example was what I learned about how to bid on ads when starting a campaign and I am testing. 

The course really focusses on you setting up your websites and landing pages. Once you have your sales funnel set up they will focus on getting you a commission fast, within a few hours and they do this because they know that once you get that first commission you will be hooked.

When I started the course I already had been running campaigns and after I learned a few hacks from this course I realized that I was losing money every time I tested a campaign because I was bidding wrong.

dij university affiliate course

If you are completely new to affiliate marketing this course will blow your socks off with all the value that you will get. If you are an experienced affiliate marketer as I was, you still will get your money back in value because of all the hacks you will learn.

The course now offers about $900 of FREE traffic when you join. This is to help you get started with your first few affiliate marketing campaigns.

The drawback that I found with the course was that he mainly teaches free traffic and that is ok because he teaches different interesting ways of getting free traffic. But once you are proficient at free traffic you will have to graduate to paid traffic. 

You can stay with the free traffic but it will take longer and you will eventually reach a cap on what you can make. If you do not have a few thousand dollars to invest in paid traffic but you want to start making some money online then this is the course for you.

Just like with every course you have to put in work. If you go through the course and you do not put into practice what you learn, you will still be broke a year after you take the course. But if you implement what he teaches, you will definitely see success.

I once had a mentor tell me that after his masterminds he always keeps in touch with those who participated. He said that all the people who attend the mastermind are experienced affiliate marketers and are making money. 

They attend the mastermind to scale their business. He explains how exactly you scale a media buying company and how to make it a true business. The information he gives in his mastermind will increase revenue. But only 20% implement what he teaches and this is coming from hard-working focused people who already own affiliate marketing companies.

He says that it all comes down to desire and motivation. If the desire is strong enough to keep the individual motivated to work hard at what needs to be done, that individual will succeed. The others will not because they lack the desire to truly scale. They are not lazy but they are content with how their situation is.

The same goes for courses if your desire is strong enough you will be in the percent that succeeds at affiliate marketing.

If you decide that you are going to take this course seriously and really want to change your life you should take in the information slowly. Consume some content and put it in practice by implementing whatever it was that you learned.

After that take in some more information. Doing this will help prevent you from suffering from information overload. There is so much information in this course that it can be discouraging to someone who is first starting out. Remember that we all are equals and if we can do it, so can you.

John Crestani was interviewed by Chris Hanson from “To Catch a Predator”

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Affiliate Marketing Mentor For Search Engine Optimization SEO

The best mentor to teach you search engine optimization also known as SEO is Income School. The owners are Jim and Ricky and they are very involved with the members of Income School. The discord chat is extremely active and the secret sauce found in their SEO course is the best investment.

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The course explains to you how to create a blog on your website. They tell you exactly how to pick a profitable niche to make your website about. Then they go into extreme detail on how to perform keyword research for your article titles.

Most blog writers start out writing the wrong articles because they do not know how to properly choose the article title. It all starts with keyword research. If you pick the wrong title to write about you will not get results.

They explain how to choose the keyword and make sure that it answers a question. This definitely was the most common mistake I noticed among the students. The worse part about this is that if you mess that up you will never rank and all the time spent writing on your website would have been for nothing.

This is why this course is so important to anyone who is creating a website and blog. They explain the best strategy that you should have when creating your content. What type of articles should be written first and how many articles.

They have a timeline that you should follow and it shows how much content and traffic you should have. The course also shows you how to put ads on your website so you can monetize it.

Search engine optimization is not the only course you get with the Income School. You also get a YouTube channel growth course, Video Editing course, snippet optimization course, etc.

The value that you get in this course probably is the best value I have ever received in a course. You also get Acabado theme included I the course and that alone is worth $50.

Income Schools course is jam-packed with value and I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to get into being a publisher. Creating content on your website can generate big money. Once you get the traffic you can get ads on it and you will also have your affiliate links bringing in money every month.

Once you are ready you can take their course on creating an info product and then you can offer that on your website. Once you have completed all the courses, your website should be generating enough income for you to do it fulltime. 

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Affiliate marketing mentor for paid traffic

The best affiliate marketing mentor for paid traffic is Dijs University by Colen. This university will teach you exactly what you need to know about paid traffic for affiliate marketing. This is an over the shoulder style teaching experience and nothing else comes close.

The course also has a forum that is extremely active with like-minded people who are all helping one another. You have people running ads on social media, Push, Native, etc.

With the course, you get free access to Landerize and that is a $50 savings. Landerize is a landing page builder that is a lot faster than competitors like Click Funnels.

dijs university

It is a course that literally shows you how to create campaigns. At this moment we are learning Native ads and I absolutely am loving it. We are seeing how they spy on competitors and how they steal ad creatives and ad copy.

Super hacks that I have learned here have increased my revenue and this investment is definitely worth every penny. 

Anstrex spy tool

The drawback to this course is that you will need capital to buy traffic. Traffic is not free with the strategies that Colin uses but if you can invest anywhere between $2k and $5k into traffic, you will come out of this with a money-making machine.

This money is strictly to buy traffic from publishers or media buying companies. This investment is not for the course. The course teaches you how to make money with this traffic. 

Keep this in mind if you are going to invest in this course. If you are an experienced affiliate marketer and are willing to market your offers in tier 2 or 3 countries you can invest $1k but nothing less than that no matter what.

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Can affiliate marketing make you rich?

affiliate money

It is possible for affiliate marketing to make you rich but keep in mind that most affiliate marketers make less than 20k a year but the average income for affiliates is $154,700 a year. This is because 17.09% of the affiliate marketers make over 1 million dollars a year in income.

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