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Income school has helped me out the most out of all the affiliate courses that I have taken. This might be because when I started with affiliate marketing I was an advanced affiliate marketer.

The SEO niche website method that the Income School course teaches is easier to implement but it takes time and a lot more work but it works. 

The course has a different approach because they teach nothing about paid advertising and this is fine because I had already learned about paid ads when I started the Income School course.

You do not necessarily need to know how to manage pay per click ads to be a successful affiliate marketer. It’s just that the SEO traffic strategy is a different strategy. 

What this course teaches is how to optimize your website to get organic free traffic. This is done by writing content on your website through a blog.

Their strategy works and I can guarantee success but it will take time and you have to put in the work.

They do briefly show you how to set up a word press account to build your website but I felt that you do need to have some affiliate marketing experience and website building experience for this course.

The course does not speak about what affiliate programs you should use or which are the best. This knowledge is expected to already be known when starting this course.

They do have a list of 350 different niche website ideas that can help you pick what niche you want to create your first website.

The Income School course, in my opinion, is best for someone who knows how to build a website and who already knows how to offer affiliate products. This course will help you optimize your website and will help you write your blog post in a better format to drive free organic traffic to it. 

This course has brought me so much free traffic from my websites that I turned off some ads because I now rank for those keywords for free. This has saved me thousands.

They do have other mini-courses in the program and the courses about how to monetize your YouTube channel and your website and how to create an info product are worth the money alone.

I am using this content to build my course. I already have made my money back from this course but with their help, I am creating a solid affiliate program course and I know that it will grow my business even more. 

I anticipate my course to be ready mid to late 2021.

If you are up to the challenge of writing 100 – 200 (they say 50 but for it to work it is closer to 200) blog post on your website to generate free traffic organically then this course will pay off 100x!

Income school course teaches how to create blog post that drive free organic traffic to your website.

The course also teaches how to monetize your website with ads and affiliate products.

This is a slower process than creating ads for affiliate products but this strategy will get you results if you put in the work.

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I found that click banks course is helpful for anyone interested in learning about affiliate marketing opportunities.

Click Bank is an affiliate marketing website with thousands of affiliate offers.  It is free to join their affiliate program and start offering products from their affiliate list.

They also offer a course and it is called Click Bank University. 

The more you make as an affiliate with their program the more they make. So who better to teach you to be successful than an affiliate program who profits when you do.

They are the only affiliate program that I know of that has a course to help you succeed in affiliate marketing.

I really like Click Bank because many product offers have the ad copy and the creatives made for you. These creatives have been tested and are the best-performing ones and have proven to convert impressions into commissions.

This is a monthly membership and the investment is not much but has tons of value. Seeing what offers are starting to become popular before it gets saturated is a strategic advantage.

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Chris Hanson speaks to John Crestani and talks about his book.

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If you want to take advantage of this business opportunity the person to learn from is John Crestani who is a super affiliate and has been featured in Forbes and interviewed on NBC.

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Forbes write up on John Crestani

NBC & Fox news interview with John Crestani:

If interested in learning more about this opportunity in affiliate marketing click this link below. This link will take you to John’s FREE affiliate marketing training.

John Crestani’s course starts you off slow. You create an affiliate account for Amazon and you are walked through the process of becoming an affiliate marketer. 

After that, you apply to bigger commission affiliate programs that pay bigger commissions. You will scale up the profitable campaigns and grow your new business.

This is a good course for someone new to marketing and affiliate marketing because it holds your hand through the process.

Lots of selling tactics and strategies. Learning from a pro was great!

John Crestani has been featured in Forbes and interviewed on CBS. He is a super affiliate and his course is top-notch for beginners.

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CPA Marketing

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Colin is the best CPA marketer and has taught me everything I know about CPA marketing.

By far the place I have learned the most about CPA marketing strategies that have turned into profits is from Colin Dij. Discover my mentors’ money-making secrets that have changed the lives of many people that now enjoy financial independence.

His course will get you the results you are looking for and they will happen fast because the conversion rate with CPA campaigns is high.

Landerize the best landing page creator. I lost money running ads on Click Funnels because the lander was too slow.

Landerize uses Amazon servers and that makes it a lot faster. Another benefir of Landize is that you will save money for a supurior product. Total win win with Landerize. I would love to promote a product like Click Funnels becasue their pay out for me is great but I just cant recomment it for your landing pages.

Go with Landerize and you will not regret it.

Namecheap has the best rates for domains. Best part about them is that they are the easiest to change settings. If you have to point your DNS it is a walk in the park. Because of their user friendly GUI it is by far the best option if you are going to use an Amazon Web Server for your hosting.

blue host, website hosting

Bluehost has the best prices when it comes to website hosting and they integrate seamlessly with a WordPress website. When you get Bluehost it automatically download WordPress with it and you do not have to do any other set up. It is perfect for anyone who wants to make a website.

aweber discount

AWeber is a must if you want to grow your business with email marketing. The conversion rates on email marketing campaigns are through the roof and with AWeber you can take advantage of this fact.


With Elementor you can turn your website into a work of art. Themes are expensive but with Elementor you get so many option and the fact that you can drag and drop any thing you possibly may want to add to the website makes Elementor a must have. The FREE version is plenty good for basic website needs so it is worth at least a download.

The fastest hosting that I know of. For ultra fast websites WPX is my number one choice.

For native traffic media buying, they are my choice especially because of their tracker. If you want to use the tracker for other traffic sources you can but you will have to pay for the service.

Anstrex gives you the secrets behind successful ad campaigns. You can see the ad creatives that people are using and you can see the landers.

Super powerful weapon and is needed for anyone who is starting out in affiliate marketing.

Gravity forms are what I use for my contact forms on my website. There are plenty of free contact forms out there but you get what you pay for. I pay for Gravity forms and it is money well spend.

I do not miss any messages and the forms are easy to set up and integrate with your website.

Besides creating professional looking forms you can create surveys to collect lead information.

Another great function of this software is that you can create customized check out screens for your products and or services. Everything can be links to PayPal.

Voluum is what I use to track my affiliate campaigns and you can buy native traffic through their DSP.

fiverr logo affiliate marketing help

You can find affordable freelancers or permanent virtual assistants here. This website has everything and you can literally have your whole business ran through