Can you do affiliate marketing without a website?

After trying different strategies as an affiliate marketer I have discovered what works and what does not.

You can do affiliate marketing without a website. It will be difficult to do affiliate marketing without a website but it can be done. Having a website will only make it easier for you to be successful as an affiliate marketer. 

Without a website, many affiliate networks will not approve you. If you have no choice but to start your affiliate marketing career without a website I strongly recommend getting one as soon as possible.

In this post, we will discover some strategies you can implement in your affiliate marketing career if you do not have a website.

Further down we will review the following topics:

  • 5 ways to do affiliate marketing without a website?
  • How to do affiliate marketing without a blog?
  • Can I be an affiliate marketer for Amazon without a website?
  • What are the pros and cons of affiliate marketing?
  • Is affiliate marketing saturated?
  • Free affiliate marketing course
  • How to make money online?

5 Ways To Do Affiliate Marketing Without a Website?

The best and easiest way to do affiliate marketing without a website is to provide value to people who are looking for help. This can be done on forums and interest groups that can be found all over the internet. By providing helpful information on these platforms you can promote your links.

Strategy number 1:

Doing this type of strategy will be tricky and will take a lot of time and effort on your part. You have to be cautious about how you promote your links on these platforms. Usually, there are strict rules and guidelines that you must obey, or else you will be kicked from the group.

The strategy that works on these types of platforms is when you are constantly active in these groups and you are quick to respond and give helpful information to other members of the group.

For example, if you are in a group for lawn care and you are constantly helping people who are in the group, the likely hood of you being able to promote your affiliate links increases.

If someone asks are question like “how to fix yellow grass”? And you already are known within the community because you answer these types of questions and you answer with “make sure to water your grass 2x a week for 15 minutes each zone and treat your grass with this xxxxxxx once a month”. You probably are going to get a commission for that grass treating product.

This is because you are trusted and looked at as a source of knowledge. This will take time to build up but it will work. 

Another option you can take especially when you are newer in the chat is to answer the question with another question. Then lead them into a direct conversation with you. This way when you do send out your link no one else will know.

When someone asks a question you do not want to immediately tell them to send you a direct email. It will come off as weird. 

For example, if someone asks “how to fix yellow grass”? You say what part of the country do you live and what type of grass do you have”? When they answer you can say I have some pictures of some great products that may work for you, email me at xxxxxx and I will send them over. 

You can mention that you have some before and after pictures of the results you had with that product. You will probably get a few emails, all from people who want to click on your link.

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Do not spam the internet with your links and do not spam these groups with your links. You will be kicked out almost immediately.

Strategy number 2:

Another way to promote your affiliate links is on classified ads type of websites. This can be websites like,,

They do not like for you to promote affiliate links on their platforms but this is why you must be sneaky. Create an ad that seems like you are selling the item that you are promoting. Once a dialogue starts between you and the customer, tell them to email you or get their email address. Send them an email with the affiliate link on it.

Sometimes the website that you are using will know that you sent them an email with an affiliate link and they will ban you. But if you first send an email without a link and then a second email with your link they will not know.

This is a lot of work and steps but put it to you like this, it is a lot of work with a website. But without a website, it is going to be a lot more work!

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Strategy number 3:

Create a page that is focused around a niche and start creating content around this niche. You will have to be regular with your posts and you will have to engage your audience. 

The organic free reach that you get from social media is no longer free money. The reach is very low and this is because these platforms now want you to pay them money to boost your content. This strategy without spending any money will be an uphill battle but with hard work and time, you will grow your audience.

Once you have a decent following on social media you will be able to promote your affiliate links and people will buy using your links.

Strategy number 4:

Create a YouTube Channel! I would have put this number one because it is the fastest way to grow an audience for free. But so many people are bothered about being on camera that I put it down the list. If you get over the fact that people are going to be looking at you, you will win using this strategy.

There are many opportunities with every niche imaginable on YouTubes platform. You can start to build an audience in a few months and the following you will have from YouTube will be stronger than a following from another platform. 

People who watch your channel will feel more connected to you as a person and that is what makes it easier for them to buy products that you promote as an affiliate marketer.

5th strategy:

Offer blogs to write content for free on their website as long as you can put a couple of affiliates links on their website. This is another great way to get free traffic to your affiliate links.

When you own a website and have blog content it can be a chore to write good content regularly. Often times bloggers pay other writers to create content on the blog.

If you offer a free 1,500+ blog post but with 5 or 6 affiliate links maximum they probably will not have an issue with that. Especially if the content is well written. This strategy is good because you can write this post today and have it send you clicks to your affiliate links for years.

This will be a win-win for you and the website owner. Do not offer this to websites that have a lot of traffic because they will laugh at you but if you can find a small website that is fairly new they will be more likely to accept your offer.

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How to do affiliate marketing without a blog?

The best way to do affiliate marketing without a blog is to pay for traffic. With paid traffic, you do not have to wait for your website to start ranking and you do not have to create content for your blog. Paid traffic gets you the traffic that you are looking for immediately. 

Paid traffic is the fastest way to make money as an affiliate marketer. If you have the marketing skills needed to create ad campaigns that convert you will be able to scale up your ad campaigns. 

The downside to paid traffic is that you have to pay for the traffic. This means that if you can not create ad campaigns that convert you will be losing money instead of making money.

Keep in mind that when you create an ad campaign you will lose money during the testing phase. So only do paid traffic if you have a budget that allows you to lose money upfront while you are testing the placements of your campaign.

If you want to start running paid ads I would recommend a budget of $2,000 minimum to run ads in a tier 1 country and $1,000 budget for tier 2 countries.

I would stay away from tier 3 because the conversion rates are low but on the other hand, the traffic is affordable. If you are going to run ad campaigns in tier 3 countries a budget of $500 will be needed.

When you create the campaign you will run it broadly with a lot of placements within the traffic network. As you test the campaign you will remove low performing placements.

Eventually, you will remove the nonprofitable placements and you will have only profitable ones left. This will be when you scale your campaign.

You may spend $2,000 on a campaign over a two-week span and you would have only made $1,000 during this time. You are negative $1,000 and then you scale it up because you only have profitable placements left.

You start spending $200 a day and you keep increasing it because your profits are steady. Every day you put $500 in and get $750 out.

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Can I be an affiliate marketer for Amazon without a website?

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To be an affiliate for Amazon you do not need to have a website. You will need to show proof of having an audience and having a YouTube channel or a social media following would help you be approved for Amazon’s affiliate program.

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