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LGM Marketing Group has been building websites for over 8 years and we know how to build a professional-looking website affordably.

An affordable website will have to be built using a pre-designed website template. When using a pre-designed template minimal designing will be needed. This reduction in design time for the agency should translate into savings for the client.

You can contact a website design company and ask them if they can use a template that was designed for a similar website. If they do have a template that can work for your website, you will be able to save a lot on your website’s design cost. Let’s look at the benefits and cost savings of getting a website done for you affordably. 

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Further down we will review the following topics:

What is the cheapest way to build a website?

The cheapest way to build a website is to build it on WordPress and having it hosted by Bluehost will keep the cost to a minimum. WordPress is an open-source website design software and this means that anyone can develop plugins for it. Bluehost is ideal because the page load speeds will be fast and the cost for the website is less than $5 a month.

Having a website on WordPress means that you will have to learn how to use their user interface but the good news is that it is not difficult. 

Another bonus is that WordPress is the most popular website building software. Because of this, there are over 55,000 available plugins for you to use. These plugins help you make a website look professional and they make it easy to build websites. Source 

Since WordPress is free it keeps the cost of the website down. If you want a way to make a website affordable this is your answer.

The plugins have many different functionalities. They do everything from telling you how much traffic you have, create widgets on your website for ads, contact forms, on-page SEO, etc. 

If you want your website to do something special WordPress has a plugin for it. That is the benefit of using WordPress. It is best for new website designers. The features are limitless and it is easy to add these features to your website.

To see other website builder options click here

Once you have WordPress on your website you will need to host it. 

BlueHost is the best bang for your buck. You get great customer service and a fantastic product at an affordable price.

They are not the fastest hosting service but they are not the slowest either. The price is on the lower end compared to other hosting companies but the service is near the top end. As a new website, you will not have a lot of traffic to start so this may not be much of a factor at first. 

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As your website grows you will want to have a website hosting service that can handle the traffic. BlueHost is perfect for any new website under 150,000 monthly visitors. After that, I recommend WPX hosting services. 

To see more details about affordable BlueHost website hosting service for new websites click here. 

The bottom line is that for a few dollars you can build a website that has all the features any professional website would have if you use WordPress and BlueHost. This is an extremely cost-effective way of building your website and you are not sacrificing quality. 

Cheapest website builder for small business

As a small business, you need a website because your competition has one. If your competition does not have a website this is a great opportunity for you to beat them and take the number position for your business online. 

The cheapest website builder for small businesses is WordPress. If you have an eCommerce business and need a website to post and sell your inventory online your website will need a plugin named Woo Commerce. 

As a small business owner that is first starting you probably do not have a large marketing budget and with WordPress, your website can be built by you now and managed later on by a marketing company.

WordPress has 75 million active websites on the internet. This building software is extremely popular and most website design companies are familiar with this building software and can take over for you once your marketing budget increases. Source 

At the start, you can use WordPress and use the plugins that help your website with having features that are needed for your business. 

The builder is free but as a small business you will need some features added to your website that are specific to your business’s needs and these plugins may have a monthly or yearly cost associated with them. 

The investment will be minimal but the value will be huge. Having a website that has a shopping cart for your visitors to buy items from you can generate thousands if not millions of dollars. All this for a minimal investment.

Email collection and the email remarking has the best conversion rates in all marketing verticals and can be used at the start for free. 

Most paid plugins will have a free trial. Test these tools out and you will be surprised at your results.

For a list of tools that I use you can look at my recommended tools for small business by clicking here. 

What to include on your website

When you create a website there are certain things that you will need to add to it. These things will add to the user experience and also will help build trust with Google. If Google does not like your website your website will be dead in the water.

The things that you need to include on your website are:

  • Home page
  • Terms and conditions page
  • Privacy policy
  • About us page 
  • Services page
  • Contact us page
  • Blog content
  • GMB Linked to the website
  • YouTube 
  • Directory listings

Home Page

Most of your traffic will come to your home page typically. You will want a nice professional looking home page that has a call to action above the fold.

Terms and conditions page

Having terms and conditions will tell Google that you are a legitimate business and that you have an outlined form for your users to read so that they are aware of what they are getting when they do business with you.

Hardley anyone readds this but just seeing the link to it will make people feel that your company is trustworthy.

Privacy policy

With a privacy policy, you are telling Google that you have it outlined on what personal information do you share about the visitors from your website.

This is a must now that the rules on the internet have gotten strict when it comes to people’s private information. 

About us page 

An about us page is important for establishing “experience, authority, and trustworthiness. Google will crawl this page and use it to identify who you are and if you are knowledgable within this industry.

It will take more than good about us page but it is necessary.

Services page

A services page simplifies to Google and your visitors what exactly do you offer as a business. Remember Google is a computer and the easier you make it for it to know what you do the easiest it will be for your website to rank for your specific type of service. 

Contact us page

A contact us page is important because People that visit your website will want to know that there is a way to contact you in case there is an issue with the order. The person is more likely to place the order online if there are a contact number and email.

Having a chat box is another great way to build trust with your visitors.

Blog content

With blog content, you will be able to target specific keywords to rank organically on Google searches. This will help your business grow and build authority.

Thew more content you have on your blog about a specific subject, the more likely your website will have to rank on page one. 

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GMB Linked to the website

GMB stands for Google My Business and this is like a social media platform but just for businesses. Google wants to give priority to business owners in local areas and if you create a GMB and link it to your website, your website will rank easier and faster.

Content will have to be created for your GMB just like you do on any social media platform.


YouTube videos that you create on your channel is another fantastic way to build traffic to your website. Link to your website from your videos and embed the videos on your blog post.

The best strategy that I have found with YouTube is to create a video for each one of your blog posts and embed it into the post. If you have not created any videos yet, you can use someone else videos. It is not against their terms and conditions to do this.

Directory listings

Every business website needs to have directory listings. This tells Google that you are a trustworthy business and that there are citations of your business around the internet. This is a sign that a good business would have. 

I use Fiverr for all my citations. Click here to see what are the rates for 350 local citations.

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