Best Web Design Company For a Small Business Website

Before starting my marketing business company I owned a few different businesses and I also owned a physical brick and mortar location. I provided customer service to clients and I know what it takes to grow a business like that because I lived it.

The best web design company that you can hire to build your website is one that has owned a small business with a physical location. Hiring a web design company that has the experience and knowledge about what marketing strategies will get customers into the doors fast will be essential.

I want to give you the knowledge that will save you money while looking to hire a marketing agency for your business. This is from the experience I had before I had my own marketing business.

Having the experience from both sides gives me an interesting point of view and I understand what is needed from both sides for this marriage to work.

Best Web Design Company For My Small Business

When looking to hire a web design company to build a website for your business you should take this seriously because a website will be an important part of growing your business.

Hiring a web design company that knows what it takes to get customers to your business will be a good strategy to take when hiring one. Most web design companies do not own a location where clients walk into for services. Hiring one that has this experience will be a good decision.

We have lived the life of owning a business where we relied on customers walking into the business every day and paying us money for a service. he skill of having customers walking into your business every day because of good marketing campaigns is difficult to do.

With a Google optimized web site, you will be able to reach as many customers as you like via the internet.

If you are a small business and own a physical location you will only want to reach people who live in around the area that your store is in but regardless having a web site will open new ways to get clients into your business and open new ways s to monetize your business.

A website that can convert visitors into paying customers will be an important part of growing your business and beating the competition.

At LGM Marketing Group we know exactly how it is to grow a business from the start and we know that it is not easy to start.

I loved owning a business like this but my marketing business brings me true joy and it is my passion and I do this because it is not a job for me. I truly do not feel that it is work.

I was taken advantage of when I first open the doors of my business and because I love what I do, I offer a FREE website to all small businesses first starting out.

The investment on your part is just for the hosting of your website. If you would like to get a FREE Google optimized website, click the button below.

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How Much Does Web Design Services Cost For Small Businesses?

If you want to go with another web design company I will give you an unbiased answer to this question. Just remember that the quality of the website will vary especially if the web design company is based out of another country.

real estate money

Typically a website will cost anywhere from $500 – $2,000 for a small business-themed website. his is a website that is about 8 pages with minimal pictures and text. If the website has a lot of pages the cost will go up because the more pages the website has the more work it takes to build the website.

A business that sells a lot of products and they want to sell the product on their website will have to get a lot of pages to fit all their products. An eCommerce website like this will cost a few thousand dollars because of the work involved is a lot more time consuming with so many pages.

Typically what I see is business with 8 – 12 pages pon their websites and that is plenty to look professional and to convert searchers into paying customers.

What To Look Out For When Hiring a Web Design Company?

Being in the marketing industry now and looking back at my experiences with marketing and web design companies I realize how I was taken advantage of when I was a small business owner.

Do not let them oversell you on extra features that you do not need. They will offer you a good deal at first but by the time the website is done they have convinced you in buying so many up sales that you end up paying triple of the amount you started at.

You do not need SEO, blogging content, a marketing campaign, extra pages, Geo-fencing services, social media posting, social media ad managing when you first start your business if you are not ready, or have it in the budget yet.

Do not get me wrong if you can do it great but we are talking major money and when you are first opening up your small business you probably do not have a big marketing budget.

They will promise you the world and how your business needs these marketing strategies to grow or else it will not work.

But the truth is you most of these marketing strategies take time and if you need customers in the doors fast most of these strategies are not going to get you the results you are looking for.

You definitely need a website and marketing is important for your business but they are not concerned about your business’s needs. What they want is you to pay for as many services as possible and that it is.

These services will help your business in the long run but there is a better way to go about marketing your business when it first opens.

digital marketing

What is the best marketing strategy for a new small business?

Every small business needs a website and after that, it depends on what type of product op service your business has. Not any two businesses are the same and not any two business owners have the same marketing goals.

Typically the best marketing strategy for small business owners is it get a website designed and then to market their website on one platform at a time. Small businesses need customers fast and Google ads reach people who are searching specifically for your business’ services.

Many feel that you must pay for Facebook advertisement but their users are not on their platform looking to spend money. People on Facebook on the platform to look at what their friends are eating and where they are vacationing. They are not there to hire a lawyer, chiropractor, contractor, real estate agent, etc.

Where do people go to hire business for these types of services? They go to Google, they go to a search engine and type it into the search bar and they look at the ads that appear on the results page.

Take a look at this infographic and it will show you the search volume for the most popular platforms on the internet today:

Google facebook search comparison


With 3.5 billion searches a day Facebook leads the search volume on the internet by a long shot.

This type of search volume can not be ignored and for a small business getting a piece of this search volume is important.

The best thing about this search volume is that the people who are typing into Google “contractor in Miami” or real estate agent in New York” are looking for someone to prove service to them today and can be a paying client that same day.

Because of this if a small business is going to pay for ads I recommend doing it on Google.

Think of internet traffic as it was a river of water, this river has customers.

Your business is a bucket and you need to fill it with water every day to stay open.

You could walk to the river every day to fill it but having a pipe that connects from the river to your home where you have your bucket placed under the open end of the pipe would be more efficient.

This is exactly what having a website is like for your business. You turn on an ad on a search platform and when your bucket is filled up you stop the ad.

Your website connects your business to searches and potential clients.

I recommend creating YouTube ads once you are comfortable with Google ads.

It will be an easy transition since they are both created and managed with the same interface.

YouTube ads are effective because video converts at a higher percent and your return on the marketing campaign will be higher. It will be a great strategy for any small business starting out.

How much is the marketing cost for my website?

To hire a marketing agency to manage your marketing campaigns is a necessary evil. I know how busy a small business owner is and not having the time to learn how to create good ad campaigns that work will be difficult for any business owner.

The typical web design company or marketing agency will charge a retainer fee, the retainer is usually $1,000 a month to start. Some web design companies are going with a per-hour model, the per hour rate is about $150 an hour.

Paying for marketing services for a small business can be a difficult challenge but doing it correctly can benefit your business grow.

To discover more data on marketing costs you can see it here.

A new tab will open.

marketing agency pricing model

Paying for multiple marketing campaigns on several platforms will help your business grow but spreading your revenue into too many marketing strategies can hurt your business if it is not ready for it.

Contact LGM Marketing Group for a FREE personalized marketing plan today.

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How much should a small business invest in marketing?

The general rule is to invest about 8% of revenue into the marketing budget. If the business is new and needs to grow a marketing budget of up to 20% will be needed.

Should small businesses have a website?

why a smnall business needs a website

With over 30.2 million small businesses in the United States, any small business owner wanting to stand out will have to have a website for their business. With a website, their business has an internet presence and this can help the business grow. Source

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