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After building many websites through the years I have tested many different hosting companies and I wanted to put together a review about Bluehost. 

Bluehost is a website hosting company that works seamlessly with WordPress built websites. Bluehost is an inexpensive website hosting solution that is perfect for anyone who creates a website for the first time and who is on a budget. 

In this Bluehost review, you will discover if it is the right hosting solution for your website. This is an important decision for anyone who is creating a website. This can have a direct impact on your traffic conversion rate.

Further down in this Bluehost review we will cover the following topics:

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How can my website make more money if it is hosted on Bluehost?

You can make money from a website that is built on WordPress and is hosted on Bluehost. Not only is Bluehost priced competitively but it will give you the necessary hosting capabilities to be able to host your website and handle enough traffic for you to monetize your website. 

There are many different hosting solutions that you can choose to handle your WordPress website hosting needs. 

Bluehost comes with a long track record of offering a great beginner-friendly solution to anyone who is creating a new website and may not have experience with it. 

When it comes to creating a website that you can make money from you will need a few things from your website hosting company.

The main features that you will need from your hosting company for a website that you will need to make money online from are: 

  1. Domain name purchase feature or the ability to point DNS from a domain over to it
  2. The ability to handle a decent amount of traffic
  3. Decent page load speed
  4. The ability to add SSL security to your website

Every Bluehost review should cover the following topics.

1. Domain name purchase feature or the ability to point DNS from a domain over to it

When it comes to domain names on Bluehost you can buy your domain name right from them.  

They have made it super easy to do and to associate that domain name to your website.

When you log into Bluehost you will see vertical tabs on the left-hand side of the screen. Click on Domains then in the middle portion of your screen you will see a blue button labeled +Add Domain

real estate money

You will then be prompted to type in the domain name that you want to buy. You can click the green button to check if that domain name is available for purchase.

Now you have a domain name to pair with your website. Launch WordPress right from the Bluehost dashboard and you can start to create your website.

Try to find a short domain name that is related to your services or product. This is not as important to do as it once was but I do believe that it helps.

For example, if you are creating a plumbing company in Miami, choosing a domain name of “” can help you rank pages from that site easier than a website named “”.

So Bluehost has you covered when it comes to domain name set up. They really have made it super easy to get this part done.

The domain names will cost $12.99 if it is available.

A good domain name can help with marketing and it can also help with SEO ranking so take your time choosing a domain name on Bluehost.

online money

This step can help make you money with a website that is hosted by Bluehost.

This portion of the Bluehost review gets an A+.

2. Website traffic amount

 Bluehost can handle a website that is getting 100,000 visitors a month easily. I have no data on what Bluehost can handle for your website. I researched it but I kept getting different answers so my research was inconclusive. 

I know people who run their website on Bluehost and they are getting 200,000 monthly visitors without any issue at all. 

My advice is to stay with Bluehost until you have between 100,000-200,000 monthly visitors. You want to have fast reliable hosting for your website and Bluehost will give you that. 

For the investment the service gets the job done and when starting out you do not need much else.

Right now the hosting for 1 website on a shared server is $3.95 a month when you buy 3 years’ worth of hosting. For 2 years of hosting it is $4.95 a month and for 1 year it is $5.95 a month.

bluehost price list

If you have a hosting service that can handle enough traffic you will make money form your website. Remember that traffic equals conversions.

This portion of the Bluehost review gets a B-.

3. Website page load speed

For this low of an investment, you definitely will have a return on investment. Having a good hosting plan will increase conversions. For every second of page load time after 2 seconds, you will lose 7% of your visitors. Source 

Look at the infographic below and you will see from this data that your website page load speed plays a critical part in you making money from your website. 

landing page load speed conversion

Typically a website page with a call to action will have a conversion rate of 2.35%. Source 

If your website landing page has a page load speed of 2 seconds or less and has a decent sales funnel you can expect to have a conversion rate of about 2%-2.5%. However, with a page load speed over 2.4 seconds, the average conversion drops to 1.9%.

With a page load speed of 3.3, the conversion rate that you can expect from that same exact page lowers to 1.5%.

Now if your website landing page has a page load speed of 4.2% seconds your conversion rate will be less than 1%.

If your website has a page load speed of 5.7 seconds your conversion rate will be 0.6% or less.

To put this in perspective let us say that you are selling a course on your website for $1,000. For every 100 visitors, you are converting 2.5%. That is a revenue of $2,500 for every 100 visitors.

With that same exact website and offer but now with a page load speed of 6 seconds, the conversion rate drops to 0.5%. Now for every 100 visitors, you will average $500. A $2,000 loss for every 100 visitors can add up fast, especially if you have 200,000 monthly visitors.

You need a fast loading website and Bluehost is definitely not the fastest hosting service but they are a solid option for anyone who is starting out.

The price is right and the speed is solid. Once you are over 100,000 monthly visitors You can start to check other hosting companies because the more traffic you get the slower your website is going to run.

When you first start out you will not have much traffic so it is not important in the beginning. Side note the absolute best website hosting option that I transfer my websites to is WPX hosting. They are about 5x the price so I would hold off until you are ready. 

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Remember that the faster your website is the more conversions that it is going to make so this has a direct relation with your website making money. Do not choose a cheap hosting option because your online business will be doomed before it even starts.

If this Bluehost review where to only be about their page load speed I would give them a B+. If you factor in the price of the service and the score would go up.

This portion of the Bluehost review gets an B.

4. SSL security certification

Have you ever tried to visit a website and seen the below picture before? 

This is a warning banner that Google will put up on everyone’s screen before landing on any one of your website pages.

The warning is there because the website does not have an SSL certificate on it. This certificate is a protection that is put on your website to protect it from hackers and any other malicious threats that can be found on the internet.

Google wants its users to have a good experience while using their platform and if someone gets a virus or gets hacked because they visited a website that they found on Google this person will have a bad experience. 

In an attempt to eliminate this from happening Google now places a huge banner on any website that does not have an SSL security certificate. 

The conversion rate for a website that is selling a beauty product will increase by 23% just by adding an SSL certificate to their website. 

This is a HUGE jump in revenue and this probably should be number one when it comes to important features that your website hosting service should provide.

The good news is that Bluehost includes FREE SSL certificates for all the websites hosted by them. 

I did have to reach out to customer service for my first website to be set up with SSL but after that, every website after that automatically has SSL when I creat it. 

SSL certificate warning

When your visitors are not hit with a big warning before entering your website they will feel more comfortable about taking out their credit cards to buy from your website. Take advantage of this free service that Bluehost offers because it translates into more money into your pocket. 

If this Bluehost review was on the SSL certificate I would give them an A+.

Conclusion about the features that Bluehost offers?

You can not beat the price and as we just discovered the features that they offer with their website hosting service will give you the necessary tools to create a website that can make a lot of money online.

These features that are available on Bluehost will help your website make more money because Google will trust your website. With these features, you will rank faster and traffic will come faster and as mentioned before, traffic quals conversions.

website making money

How much money can you make from a Bluehost website?

With a website that is hosted on Bluehost, you can make money in a few different ways. This hosting service is reliable for 200k visitors. WIth ads from MediaVine, your average RPM will be $15, at 200k that is $3k a month from ads. With this volume, you can get another $3k a month from affiliate offers.

These are the more common ways of monetizing your website. But a third way to monetize your website is to create an info product related to the industry that your website is in.

For example, if you have a niche website in the plumbing industry. You can create a course on how to start a plumbing company or a course on how to become a plumber. In fact, you can create a course on both. 

Info products often will generate the greatest amount of revenue for your website. As it is the plumbing website is making $6k a month and with a course added to it, you can make another 4k a month, bringing the total to 10k a month for your website.

The amount of money that your website can make all depends on your traffic and how well your website’s sales funnel is created. But a decent website should have a 2% conversion rate. 

You will be making money from the:

  1. MediaVine ads
  2. Affiliate offers
  3. Info product

This is going to be hard work and will not be a fast overnight thing. Hard work and time are the recipes for a website’s success. 

Much more money can be made if the content on your website is top quality and if your info product is top quality. If your course is packed with valuable information and possibly has a private chat group where everyone including yourself can communicate and help each other out you can expect to demand more for your info product and you will convert at a higher percentage. 


At 200k monthly visitors and at a 2% conversion rate, you will convert 4,000 visitors. If your info product is priced at $15 and you convert 4,000 monthly visitors you will make $60,000 just form your info product.

The money is with an info product and a website hosted on Bluehost can handle this amount of traffic but in my opinion, you will be at its max capacity. 

So you can see that a website hosted on Bluehost can change your life and your family’s life. It will give you the tools needed to make a lot of money online.

I understand that creating a website and creating content on it that it of a good enough quality to generate 200k visitors may seem like an impossible task but there are mentors that you can find online and they will help you.

Marketers making money

I have a few different mentors that I have learned from. 

When it comes to Bluehost and creating a blog that is filled with top-notch content I would have to recommend 

They have taught me the most out of all my mentors when it comes to blog content that ranks and that generates an income. They are transparent in their teachings and the course is packed with so much value.

The course includes a private discourse chat room where we all talk about different affiliate marketing blog strategies.

They also include the Acabado WordPress theme. Acobado is a theme created specifically for blog content creators. It is a simple theme and this was done on purpose to keep the website’s page load speeds up. 

Within the course, you have other mini-courses where you will discover the secret sauce to rank your YouTube videos and how to win Google snippets.

You also have access to a WordPress plugin that keeps track of all your affiliate links. If a link breaks you only have to fix it within the plugin and it will be fixed everywhere you had placed that link. Talk about a time saver!

This portion of the Bluehost review gets an A+.

The Income School course is by far the best course to buy to discover the secret sauce to website blog content.

For more information on this course that can help your website make more money click the button below:

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Is Bluehost worth the money?

Bluehost can host a website that is receiving 200,000 monthly visitors and this amount of traffic can generate thousands of dollars in revenue. The monthly investment for 1 website is under $10 a month and you have the possibility to generate thousands in revenue. It is definitely worth the money.

It is not going to be easy to build your website up to a point where you are getting this amount of traffic but with hard work, it can be done. 

You have to think about what it cost to build and start a physical location for a new business. It will cost thousands of dollars and I can say this because I have done it. I have experience in building a new building for a new business.

The build was $184,000 and that was before we opened the doors. Add supplies and overhead to start and employees and you are going to need another 50k.

Even when I started businesses that were not new builds but just a new business, I had a lot of start-up costs.

You can have a new online business started for a few dollars. Never before in the history of mankind have we had an opportunity like this.

To be able to create an online business that you sell a product or service to the entire world for only a few dollars to start is still incredible to me. 

You can sell anything that you can think of. You can actually sell nothing and make money. You can sell millions of dollars of a product and never have to handle a single piece of product. 

This is the power of the internet and how it has changed businesses forever. Look at Blockbuster, Sears, JC Penny, Macy’s, Toys R Us, Pier One, etc. Massive companies are going out of business because of the internet. Amazon earned 232.9 Billion dollars in 2019. Source 

We now have an opportunity to jump in and take a tiny little piece of the pie. How much of 232.9 billion dollars will you need to change your life and the lives of your loved ones? Not much I am guessing and this is exactly why there is no better time than now to jump into this huge opportunity.

Going back to the original question of this subheading “Is Bluehost worth the money”? It will be an investment of anywhere between $5-$10 to start a business online where you can sell a product or service to anyone in the world and make millions of dollars doing it, you tell me if it is worth it to you.

I am not making millions of dollars but I hope to achieve this goal and without the internet and website hosting, I would not even have this opportunity. For me, it is worth every single penny that I invest in all of my online businesses.

making money online

I want to mention one last thing about if Bluehost is worth getting. 

I invest in many and I mean many different things when it comes to my online business. Bluehost is one of the lower monthly cost I have. I think Short Pixel is possible lower but I have an online business and just because it is online does not make it any less of a business.

You have to invest in your business because if you don’t you are limiting your business’s potential. These tools are needed to help with the growth of your website.

Besides BlueHost I also pay for:

  • WPX $25 monthly
  • Aweber $30 monthly
  • Ahrefs $100 monthly

These are just 3 of my favorite tools that I pay for. As I mentioned before Bluehost is very affordable when compared to what other tools cost.

This portion of the Bluehost review gets an A+.

Is BlueHost a good web host?

Bluehost is a very good web host for your website. There are over 2 million websites that are being hosted by Bluehost worldwide right now. Because they have such a high member count they are able to keep their hosting prices down. Bluehost is a good web host because they have a huge brand and are a reliable hosting service. Source 

They were founded back in 2003, and now are the biggest website hosting provider.

With plans starting at $2.75 a month you will not find another competitor with better rates. If you do find a hosting company with a low cost the reliability will suffer. 

Bluehost has an exceptional uptime of 99.98 and that translates into about 45 minutes of downtime a year for their servers. That is exceptional and for their price point, it is a steal of a deal.

bluehost uptime

This is why every new website that I create is hosted on Bluehost. They are priced where is not hurting the bank and it is super reliable.

Imagine if you are investing 10k a day in advertising and you lose thousands of dollars because your website was down and nobody could load your website from an ad.

This is a big problem and it will cost you so much money. This is why reliability is important when it comes to your website hosting company.

Also, another selling point is that they have SSL certificates that are FREE with all their websites. Competitors are going to charge you for this feature. Not all change but ones that are close to $10 a month will more than likely charge you for each website that has an SSL certificate.

They also have a really good page load speed. In a recent test, they are averaging 405 ms. These numbers will compete with the big expensive hosting services. 

With Bluehost, you may not be getting the absolute fastest or the hosting service with the highest uptime but they are close. They offer this level of service for a fraction of the cost that the big hosting companies charge.

Bluehost-speed review

Bluehost is a very good hosting option for your website because you get great speed and uptime for a fraction of the cost. You can not go wrong with them especially when first creating your online business.

With these up-times and for the price of the hosting service, this part of the Bluehost review gets an A+.

Is Bluehost good for beginners?

Bluehost is good for beginners because they offer so many tools that will help beginners start online businesses. They were voted by as the best website hosting service for beginners.    They have a user-friendly dashboard that makes managing your hosting features super easy. The C-Panel that stores files and such is also very easy to work with.

Having a free SSL certificate that you do not have to worry about setting up is an added bonus. They also offer a 100% money-back guarantee so if you are not happy with their service you can get a refund. This eliminates the level of risk on your part to zero.

When first starting out you may not have it in the budget to invest in marketing and because of this fact, Bluehost has a marketing service for its customers. 

This all put together to translate to a one-stop-shop for a small business owner who is first starting out.

Small business owners can find affordable results with Bluehost’s marketing services. They offer SEO, advertising, social media, and local business visibility.

They make it easy for you to buy domain names for your websites. It is done right in the dashboard and then linking the domain to a website is done with a simple click.

You also get an email synced to your domain and website. For example, if you have a website that the domain name is you will have access to an email that ends in your domain name.

To access your emails you will have to set it up on the device that you want to use it on. The customer service would help me with this step and they are very helpful.

Having this feature will convey a sense of professionalism for your business. Instead of having a generic email, you will have an email with your website’s name in it instead. 

I no longer use these emails because I transitioned to Google business emails but to do this you have to pay and Bluehost offers a free alternative.

Anytime I have had an issue with my hosting I reach out to their customer support and they have always helped me. They do not nickel and dime me at every turn either. 

wpx website hosting

I have had websites on other host companies and they will try and charge me for any little change that they do. I have to admit Bluehost customer service is the best, they are even better than WPX customer service and I pay a lot more for WPX hosting.

Being able to contact them via live chat for a simple fix is another cool feature because waiting on hold for a rep can be annoying if you only need to ask a quick question.

Within their dashboard, you can find helpful tutorials that will help any beginner get a feel for their graphical user interface GUI.

Since Bluehost is so popular you will find hundreds of youtube videos that will show you how to do it all.

When you first get Bluehost it will download WordPress and this makes it seamless if you are creating your first website.

You download Bluehost and you will already have WordPress. No need to download anything else. Once Bluehost opens get your domain and link it to a website and open that website. WordPress will automatically open your website and you can start creating your new online business.

In this Bluehost review we are keeping neutral but you can not deny the fact that it is a perfect solution for beginners A+.

Is Bluehost best for WordPress?

Bluehost is the best hosting provider for a beginner that is using WordPress to build their website. This is because they work seamlessly with each other. When you first download Bluehost it will also download WordPress. 

This makes it super easy for anyone who is going to build their website on WordPress. 

When you log into your Bluehost account you will have tabs on the left side of the dashboard. 

There you can select your website and launch WordPress straight from Bluehost.

Bluehost dashboard GUI

When first starting you will have to buy a domain name for your new website. Bluehost will give you your first domain name for free. 

That is another reason why you should start your online business with Bluehost, especially if you are on a tight budget.

I have had issues signing into my WordPress account but the ability to log into it from Bluehost gave me the ability to log in.

Bluehost also has a daily backup feature that costs $1 a month. 

I have found so much value in this feature. The good thing about building a website on WordPress is that you have a choice of 50,000 plugins to choose from. The bad part is that some of the plugins and break your website.

With the backup feature on Bluehost, you can download plugins and if they break your website you can revert to the last backup and recover your website.

This works well with each other. The fact that WordPress has so many plugins makes it a great option to build your website. But as mentioned before this can also cause issues. 

With Bluehost, you limit your risk and troubles when downloading plugins in WordPress. 

All your WordPress files are saved in your Bluehost C-Panel and this feature makes it easy for you to be able to access important files that were created on your WordPress website.

money from computer laptop

This portion of the Bluehost review gets an A+.

Why is BlueHost bad? A review needs to talk about the bad!

Bluehost is not bad for your website but it definitely has its limitations. It is not the fastest hosting provider that you can get and page load speed is an important ranking factor. They also will get bogged down if your website is getting a lot of visitors a month.

This is why I only recommend Bluehost to new websites that are not going to have a lot of traffic at the start. If you are a new website and it is going to take some time before you are seeing 200,000 monthly visitors then I say Bluehost is your best bet for your website’s hosting option.

But if your new website is going to have a lot of traffic then I would recommend a different hosting company. If you are going to run a marketing campaign and have a big budget I would say to invest in a landing page builder and get AWS from Amazon to host your landing page.

This is more for anyone who is creating landing pages for affiliate offers.

If you are running ads or have another way to send a large volume of traffic to your website I would have to recommend WPX hosting.

This is for someone who probably has an established brand and has a lot of traffic already and wants to speed up their website page load speed.

Another limitation or bad thing about Bluehost is that their email service that is provided to all of their customers can not send a large number of emails at once.

So if you have built up a large email list and want to send a mass email you may need to find an alternative. 

I use Google G Suite for businesses and it can handle anything I throw at it. 

The biggest issue with Bluehost is that they can not handle a lot of traffic and when our website grows passed 200,000 you will have to move it to another hosting company. 

The process to move from Bluehost to WPX is super easy. I fill out the migration form on WPX and my website is moved in a few hours.

I log into Bluehost once the transfer is complete and I click on domains on the left-hand side of the dashboard. I then manage the domain and I change where the DNS is pointing and I input the IP address that I get from WPX.

It sounds difficult but it is not. That is all you have to do to transfer to WPX.

blue host logo

Conclusion for the Bluehost review

For the majority of people, Bluehost will be just fine and you will not have to worry about making any changes for a long time.

You can not beat the monthly investment and the quality of what you get for its costs makes it a no brainer when it comes to choosing a website hosting company for your new website.

A new tab taking you to the Bluehost discount page will open.

This Bluehost review gives this hosting service an overall score of an A. Not perfect but damn close for the price.

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