Is Clickfunnels Legit? Discover the Answer Now And Make More Money!

Is Clickbank Legit: Can You Make Money with It?

I have used a lot of different affiliate marketing networks that are legit and Clickbank is one of my favourites.

Clickbank is a legit affiliate network because there are many offers to choose from and all have a good track record of paying out their commissions. Click bank has maintained an outstanding track record since 1998 and has over 6 million clients worldwide. source

The company is the 87th largest Internet retailer in North America. I personally have promoted many offers that are on Clickbank. I know that ClickBank may seem like a scam but the only way for you to know that it is real is if you make money from it. 

Let’s discover what has worked for me and this will give you a better strategy on how to make money with it. After that, you will see how legit it is.

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Can you really make money with Clickbank?

With Clickbank, you can make money if you have decent marketing skills. With decent marketing skills, you can drive traffic to a Clickbank offer and make money with affiliate commission checks. Another way you can make money with it is if you already have an audience.

All you need to make money with Clickbank is traffic to see your offer. That is the hardest part but after you have the traffic you can start to convert the traffic into sales.

The 2 more profitable ways of promoting your Clickbank offers is with paid traffic and with organic traffic that you build up with a following.

Paid traffic can get you sales right away but it takes time to understand how paid traffic works. 

With paid traffic, you will have to decide what platform is best to use. 

social media cost per impression

Facebook would be good for a targeted audience of over 35+.

Instagram would be good for 25-35 years old 

Pinterest would be good to target woman over 40


You need to know your targeted audience and your paid traffic platform. This will help you target the right audience for your offer.

dij university affiliate course

You may want to try native ads instead of social media. I love native and is not as strict as social media platforms. Click here for my article about “what is native ads”.

That is a summarised summary of paid ads but I break down the different strategies that you can use when promoting ClickBank offers in my “How to make a lot of money online post”. You can click the link to see what secrets you can discover.

For free organic traffic, you will have to take the time to build up a following on a platform. Thsi can be on Facebook, Instagram, tik tok, etc.

The best way to build your own following is with your own website. It will take a lot of hard work but if done correctly you can make tons of money with promoting affiliate links from Clickbank. 

Create a website in a niche that you are familiar with and enjoy. Start to share your knowledge with a blog and once the traffic starts to roll in add your affiliate links.

Add reviews of products and your audience will buy and you will get a commission for your work. The audience will appreciate what you did to help them find a good product.

Just be honest with your reviews and only promote offers that you truly like and you will do fine promoting affiliate offers from Clickbank.

The best part about it is that you control the platform and you can not be banned from it like social media accounts can be.

With free organic, it will take time to build up the audience but if you do, you will have an audience to promote good offers too. 

YouTube is another great free way to build up a following.

Is Clickbank Free?

Clickbank is completely free to join and no membership or hidden fees are associated with it. You can log in and create an account and get affiliate links right away and promote the link right away for no upfront investment. There is an optional course that you can take but that is optional.

The affiliate offers on Clickbank are all free to promote but I advise to find someone to help you with this business venture. Without help, you will be promoting these affiliate links without a clue on how to get conversions.

It will not be as simple as posting your link everywhere you can on the internet. You will not get a single sale, I promise you. Those days of posting an affiliate link on Facebook and having it organically reach thousands of people for free are over.

As an affiliate marketer, you now need to have marketing skills and a budget. Ads on marketing platforms are not free and you will have to do some testing before you figure out what works for that offer. 

You may not find an angle at all that works for the offer. The offers landing page may be bad or the product is bad. 

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Whatever the case may be, you will have to do testing before finding the winning combination of ad creative, ad copy, landing page, offer.

The more the offer payout is the more you will have to invest in testing the offer. Keep this in mind when choosing your first Clickbank offer.

Promoting a lower payout offer may be what you want to do. I recommend starting with sweepstakes offers from other affiliate networks. Click here for information CPA sweepstake offers.

Promoting affiliate offers on Clickbank is free but the traffic is not. So there is definitely a catch. 

Also, Clickbank has a course that you can take to help you learn the secrets of how to prompt their offers. 

Click here to see the Clickbank intro video

A new tab will open taking you to the video.

Is Clickbank worth it?

Clickbank is worth it because it does not cost money to promote affiliate offers from the network. You will have to dedicate time and if you are able to make money it will be worth your time and effort. 

Clickbank is not easy by any means. It may be free to offer the affiliate offers but the traffic is what will cost you money. If you do not know how to angle and test ad campaigns you will waste a lot of money before you test enough to learn how to do this and make money.

This is why if you are starting and do not have a large ad budget I strongly recommend working on free organic traffic first. It will take longer but you will be able to learn the skills that are needed to make money with affiliate marketing.

affiliate marketing skills info-graphic

Clickbank is a good start and will be worth it if you have the knowledge and budget but hardly anyone who is new to affiliate marketing will have this. 

I recommend finding offers from different networks to start. The offers on Clickbank are going to be a little harder for someone new to promote and be successful.

Finding offers that are direct with the products company is your best option. 

Whatever your niche is in, think about what products are available for that industry. Type that product into Google and add the word “affiliate program” to the end of it. 

Research every product that you can think of in this manner. You will find products with affiliate offers and working directly with them will increase your commission percentage.

Anstrex spy tool

Finding traffic sources is another important part of being successful with affiliate offers. To find what traffic sources are the best for your offer click here. 

How much can you make from Clickbank?

The average affiliate marketer makes $154,700 a year. It will take a lot of work and skill for anyone to reach this milestone but it is the median income range for affiliate marketers. There is 5.98% that makes over 2 million a year. Source

These numbers are from affiliates as a whole but Clickbank is one of the biggest affiliate networks in North America. 

Chart How much do affiliate marketer make a year

 If you want to make this type of money you will have to have your own website with email capture. 

Having a website with email capture will help you retarget visitors and will increase your conversions. 

The best strategy is to have a YouTube channel and embed the videos onto a post on your website. Give away something or free for email submissions.

This will help you boost your traffic organically. If you do these things and add paid traffic to it, you will definitely see a boost in traffic.

Remember traffic is everything, to make this type of money you will have to be a master of generating traffic to your affiliate links.

The highest payout offer that I have ever promoted has a payout of $500 per conversion. The higher the payout the harder it is to promote. 

Best Clickbank products to promote?

The best type of Click bank offers to promote are ones that are for digital products in the health vertical.

People are willing to cut off their pinky to lose weight. 

With that being said, the best vertical/niche to promote in Clickbank is the health and wellness vertical. 

I recommend using a long form advertorial for your landing page with a picture that has a play button symbol on it.

When the visitor clicks the image with the play button that is on your landing lpage it takes them to the offer page that has a VSL (video sales letter)

This will be my advise to you when starting. 

The secret to beating other affiliate marketers is ...

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