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I have always loved real estate and marketing and I decided to help real estate agents with a few marketing tips. My wife and mother and cousin are all realtors and it is a personal passion of mine and i have an intimate understanding of what it takes to be successful in this career.

Top real estate agents are using marketing tactics to get hot leads and turning them into commission checks. Marketing campaigns on Google’s search engine can bring in these hot leads monthly. The secret is to market to people who are actively searching for real estate agents on Google.

Let us discover how they do this…

How is it that some realtors and or real estate agents make over six figures every year and others struggle? If you ask around most will say it is because they have build clientele. But how often are these clients buying a home? Every year? Or how often are there friends buying homes? Probably not every year, so how are these top realtors getting so many clients?

Learn the key marketing secrets that every real estate agent should know and the secrets that all the top realtors know and practice.

The real estate industry is a competitive one and if you do not bring your A-game to the field you will lose and in this industry losing means not closing deals and that means not making money.

How to get more clients as a real estate agent using Google ads

The first step to making money as a real estate agent and or realtor is to understand how potential clients think. Put yourself in a potential client’s shoes. Ask yourself, what is the thought process? What life-changing events happen that could cause them to want to change their current living situation?

Best place to find people who are in the market to buy a home is on Google. People do not usually go to Facebook and search for local real estate agents. What they do is jump on Google and type in the search bar.

Example 1, if someone is about to get a divorce that often means that they will have to sell their home and buy new smaller homes. You can advertise on Google and use a keyword like “divorce”. Your ad can have a title that says “Getting a divorce and need to sell your home for top dollar fast”?

Example 2, newly married couples may be on the market to buy a new home. Again you can advertise on Google and use the keywords “first time home buyer”. A new couple usually does not think that they can qualify for a new home and they will search “Apartments for rent”. You can also target that keyword and title your ad “Stop paying rent and find out if you can own your home today”.

Example 3, 

This example is an obvious one, people looking to buy a home will simply type “homes for sale in a blank area”. Keywords you can target here are “homes for sale” and you can set up your Google ad to only show up on a person’s results only if they are in a specific area.

There are many more examples but this should point you in the right direction for your marketing strategy. To implement those strategies you will need to advertise on Google and that will require you to have a website. 

You can contact us at LGM Marketing Group if you need help creating your Google optimized website. Sometimes we run special rates for new website builds, even free at times. Your investment, in that case, is just the hosting fee. That investment is under $50 monthly and with that, it will open your brand to millions of potential clients that are searching for you and not the other way around.

How to get more clients as a real estate agent using Facebook

Facebook has proven that it is here to stay and if you want to grow your business or brand you, unfortunately, will have to jump onto the bandwagon. Social media is a good way to get your name out there and Facebook is king over all other social media platforms.

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Clients that are in the market to buy a home usually are between 31 – 33 years of age. People within that demographic age group are on Facebook. Instagram is also another popular social media platform but the audience on it tends to be a bit younger.

If you choose to put on time building your social media brand I recommend only using one. Focus on one and really build it up. Focusing on two or more can really become time-consuming. Since the audience is older on Facebook and your targeted audience is between 31- 33 I strongly recommend Facebook.

As I mentioned earlier in this post, people usually go to google and search for a new home or a real estate agent when they are in need to buy or sell a home. But Facebook can be useful also, it offers to target potential clients from a different angle. Facebook can help you build a relationship with followers within your area or even outside of it. If they grow to like you and they follow you on Facebook it is possible that they will think about calling you when they need your services.

Keep in mind that it will take time and effort before you really see your Facebook profile start to pay off. Consistency is a must and you need to be personable on Facebook

How to build my brand on Facebook?

Number 1 rule in building your brand on Facebook is to put yourself in follower’s shoes. Do you like to be pitched too? Most people get turned off once they feel that they are being sold too. Do not have all your posts to be a sales pitch. 

The second rule is not to be BORING! Are you posting pictures and or videos of home listing after home listing that is put up on the MLS? That is BORING and people are on Facebook to have fun and not to be bored to death or to be sold too.

Post a picture of you arriving at the office and walking around saying good morning to everyone. It may feel unnatural and uncomfortable but it is what people want to see. People want to feel a connection and be somewhat entertained by you. Post videos of you, people want to see you and putting your face on the video makes it personal. If people do not feel a connection with you they probably are just going to unfollow you. Show you celebrating the closing of a home or a listing.

Show your dog greeting you when you get home or kids. Do whatever you feel comfortable doing but no matter what you need to be warm and show some personality and show that you are a normal person just like they are. Post about your favorite coffee flavor, post about your favorite movie, I am sure that you get the point. 

Even when you do post a new home make it exciting. Talk about your favorite feature that the home has. Talk about the neighborhood and any other selling points the property may have.

What is a Good marketing strategy I can have as a real estate agent?

The best thing you can do to market your services to other potential clients is to be where they go when they want to search for a realtor or be where they go right before they search for a real estate agent. Google is still the number 1 search engine in the world and having a website that is Google optimized is essential in growing your brand and making serious money as a real estate agent.

Having a website that you can direct potential clients to when they are a hot client is by far the most important thing you can possibly do to get more listing and closing as a real estate agent. A hot client is one that takes out the time to type into the Google search bar something that shows that they are about to need your services or they need it today. Again if they type in the search bar “Homes for sale in the blank area”, you know that they are actively searching for a home and since they are doing the searching themselves they probably have not hired the services of a real estate agent yet.

Getting these hot clients to see your ad that has clever eye-catching ad copy can grant you the honor of their click. Guiding them to your website where you have a video of yourself quickly explaining what you can provide for them as your client will do great things for your listing and closing count. 

To help with your long term brand you can also work on your social media presence. Specifically Facebook, they have an older audience and that is what you want. Be personable with your post and show that you are a real person. Do not only post your listing because people will feel that you only care about them spending money. Show helpful tips that they can use when house shopping and bring value into their lives and they will love and follow you.

They are other marketing strategies that you can implement to help grow your listing and closing count but to start this is the 2 most important marketing platforms you need to take advantage of. Other real Estate Agents are making tons of money on just these 2 platforms.

Making a Google optimised website for a real estate agent

We will have to make a whole nother post about the topic but we understand that you are busy as a realtor and time saved can be money earned. If you need us to save you time by creating a Google Optimised website to help you get more listings and or closing please email us at: 

If you want to take on the task of building your website yourself without the help of a professional company these are a few tips.

Having your website Google optimized will make or break your website. If Google does not know that your website exists you will not show up on searches. And if Google crawls your site and does not understand what the website is about or if it does not trust the content found on your website it will not show up in the search results.  

Pick a good domain name. Do not spend too much time into picking a good domain name. Pick a name that is short and sweet ans a name that can be easily remembered.

You have a few options when it comes to buying your new domain name. You can either go through your website building software, Wix or Shopify as mentioned earlier. Or you can get it through There are pros and cons to either one you choose.

buying your domain name on the same platform that you are building your website on will be easy to do. But then if you decide to change to a different website building software you will have to go into your domain setting and make changes to your DNS servers.

The next step will be to make sure that you have your business name, address and phone number on the footer of your website. That will show up on every single page you create on the website.

Make an about us page. Google will crawl your site and look for an about us page and anything you can say on your about us page to prove that you are qualified to provide clients of your services is recommended.

Make a contact us page will be another page that you should create. A contact us page with an automatic email to you is convenient for the potential client, so we always add one. The client just has to click on the contact us page button on the navigation bar and there will be a big box that they can type you a direct email to you without having to open up their email or leaving your website.

Create a Google My Business account will be the last step you need to take. It works just like any other social media platform except this is just for businesses. You can add your business address and once you go through the process of verifying your business address, Google will add you to their map. Your business will now show up on Google’s map.

Contact us for a free personalized marketing strategy plan that will get you noticed today!

How to get more clients as a real estate agent?

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With the words “Homes for sale” being typed 450,000 times into Google’s search engine every month, it is safe to say that agents need a website that is showing up on Google search results. Marketing on Google where people everyday are searching for real estate agent is the secret.

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