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Every brand and business needs a website and here at LGM Marketing Group, we know how difficult it can be when you are starting out and that is why we offer a FREE website to new startups.

The fastest and easiest way to get a website done for free is by hiring a web design company that will build the site for you and only charge a minimal hosting fee. Free Website building software advertise free but there is a monthly charge and you have to build the website yourself.

In this post, I want to give you vital information that you will need if you are looking to hire a web design company or if you are wanting to build the website yourself. 

This information will save you time and money!

I know this because before I was a marketer I owned a physical business and I was taken advantage of and that is why I want to help others not fall into the same traps I did.

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How To Get a Free Website?

The most common way of getting a website for free is by building it yourself on a website building software like But that is not exactly getting a website for free because you are the one doing the work.

To get a website for free you will need to find a website designer who builds websites for free and has a monthly fee for the hosting. They will do the work upfront and you pay for the hosting every month. 

LGM Marketing Group has this option if the website is under 8 pages and 1,000 words of text. That will cover most small businesses when they are starting out, this is more than enough to get a professional-looking website for anyone.

Price chart for website design:

Website build cost1 -8 pages9-12 pages13-20 pages
Under 1,000 wordsFREE$60$100
Under 2,000 words$25$75$115
Under 3,000 words$40$90$125
Free with two year contract

LGM Marketing Group

*3 video embedded & 5 picture maximum per page

A website can bring in customers to any industry and every business needs one. When you are first starting a business we understand that your budget may be tight and that is why we have this payment model.

real estate money

We are confident that if we build a professional website and it helps grow your business that when you want to market your website on the internet you will choose our marketing services to do so.

Why is it important to have a website?

Having a website can help grow your business and it can help your business grow by reaching people who are on the internet searching for your services.

There are 30.7 million small businesses in the United States and without a website, you will not be able to stand out from the competition. If you have a website that is optimized to rank on search engines like Google you will have a chance to grow your business with an online presence. source

There are billions of searches that are done every month on Google alone and not having a website to take advantage of this can hurt your business. This will be as if you were allowing money to walk out the door every month.

Google facebook search comparison

Google has 3.5 billion searches a month and there are many other platforms that your website can take advantage of by marketing your business on them. 

With a website, you can make a connection with your website visitors immediately and you will be able to turn these visitors into customers. 

A video on your website landing page can make the visitor comfortable with your business. The video can be of the owner speaking about the business’s services and or interviews of the staff members. An authentic video like that will help build a connection with the visitor and this will make it easier for them to take out their wallet and pay you for a service.

I understand that many people do not like to be on camera but this is the best way to make a connection with the visitor. When they can see smiling faces and who will be doing the services for them it will make it easier for them to pay for their service.

There is another option if you can not do the video because you do not want to be on camera. You can make a video touring the business’s location and this will be a good strategy to help visitors turn into customers by helping them feel comfortable with hiring your business.

Having a website can help tap into the traffic that is on the internet and if you use video as a tool on your website you will be able to convert a bigger percent of visitors into customers.

Infographic of small business marketing platform

With a website, you can run ads on any platform on the internet. Doing this will drive traffic to your website and to your business. Without a website, you can not take advantage of these opportunities. 

Having a website for your business gives it a professional feel. When you give someone a business card or when you mention that they should visit your website it conveys that you a professional and reliable company. People tend to trust a business that has invested in a website versus a business that has not invested in one. 

The benefits of having a website for business are:

  • Stand out from the competition 
  • Put videos on the website to convert visitors faster 
  • Get free organic traffic to your website from people searching for your services
  • Run ads on different marketing platforms 
  • Gives your business a professional look
Marketing strategies

When you first open your business you may not have the budget to invest in many different platforms for your marketing. This is why marketing on the right platform when you start is important in growing your business as fast as possible.

The best marketing platform for a business especially when they first start out is Googe ads. This can be a direct search on their search engine or on Google. This is because the ads on their platform are targeting people who are actively searching for your business.

A marketing campaign on a search engine like Google or Bing will target keywords. This is targeting anyone who types a keyword that you have selected. 

If you sell cars you can target keywords like “new car” or “Used car”. If anyone types that keyword in the area that you have selected your ad will be one of the results on the searches screen.

This can be done for any business no matter what industry. Look at some keywords that I have targeted for business owners:

Targeting a searched keyword that is specific for your business’s industry will target people who are typing into their search bar these keywords. Doing this will put your ad in front of people who are searching for your services right at the moment that they need your services and are looking for it. 

The value of this type of lead is high because they see the ad and can become a customer that day. They are looking for you and not the other way around.

Other marketing strategies on other platforms usually do not target people who are actively searching for you.

For example: 

Television marketing is expensive and most people no longer watch commercials. Everyone records their favorite shows on a DVR and then they watch it or they stream it. Then when they watch the show they fast forward the commercials.

If someone happens to drop the control and happen to watch your commercial you have to hope that they need your services at that moment or that they will remember about your business when the day comes that they do need your services.

Billboards and magazines work the same way, you have to hope that enough people who see the ad will need your services. The return on these marketing strategies can be shaky and when you are starting a business and do not have the budget to take a chance or to test different marketing platforms I recommend using what has the highest chance of success.

Social media is another effective marketing strategy but again you have to hope that when someone sees your ad on a social media platform that they will need your services. Typically people are on social media to see what their friends ate for dinner and where did they go for the weekend.

People are not in the buying mode while they are scrolling through their social media feed. I am not saying that it is bad to run ads on social media, what I am saying is there are better options to start with.

Once you build up your marketing budget I recommend testing these other marketing platforms because they can be good but do this when your business is well established.

Social media marketing is priced low enough that you can get a return on it and definitely be targeted but when you are ready. Look at the CPM that the most popular social media platforms have right now:

Best website design company for free websites

LGM Marketing Group offers a FREE website for any website that is 8 pages or less and has less than 1,000 words. Every page has a maximum of 3 embedded videos and 5 pictures. They will do all the work and each page will be optimized for Google rankings. 

The website will also be linked to your Google my business and if you do not have one we will create it and link the website to it. Google my business will be verified and placed on Google maps. For local businesses with a physical location, this will be extremely important in getting free organic traffic to your business.

For more information about the secret powers a website can have for your brand and or business join our free community and receive these secrets straight to your inbox.

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Related Questions:

How much does a website cost?

laptop with coffee

The cost of a completely new build of a website will start at $12,000 and go up to $150,000. It varies so much because it depends on how many pages you need and what features you need your website to have. source

How much should my marketing budget be?

How much should my marketing budget be?

A small business should invest a minimum of 5% of their total revenue into a marketing budget. The marketing budget will increase depending on business goals and what industry the business is in. If the business is new and wants to grow a minimum of 10% should be invested in a marketing budget. source

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