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After I started out as an affiliate marketer it took me one year before I made my first commission. I wanted to show you an inside look at what to expect when starting out as an affiliate marketer.

It will take a beginner without any training about 6 months before they see a commission. It will take another 6 to 12 months before they see profits. With training and guidance, a new affiliate marketer can make a sale in a week and see profits in a month.

I get asked if a new affiliate can be a millionaire in one year all the time. For me to answer that question I need to describe the process. After discovering this information you will understand exactly what the answer to this question is for you.

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How long does it take to be a successful affiliate marketer?

To be successful at affiliate marketing will take you as long as it takes for you to learn how to choose affiliate offers, test them, and scale them. Starting a budget is also another factor to consider. The bigger the budget the more testing of offers you will be able to do.

If you do not have any money to start a business in affiliate marketing and are asking the question, how long will it take you to be successful at affiliate marketing, I would tell you that you better be patient because it will take a long time. 

You will have to learn a lot and doing this with no money will mean that you will have to consume tons of free content from different sources. YouTube and free webinars and podcast related to affiliate marketing are going to be your best choice.

Affiliate books are not a great investment in my opinion. I have read many books about affiliate marketing and I never read one that contained any real value. At least not any value that I could not get for free at a fraction of the time on the internet.

Books about business in general or online businesses gave me more value. I have a write up on affiliate marketing books and business books, here is the link to my write up: 

skills needed for affiliate marketing

With no money, you will have to be dedicated and focused on this venture. It is difficult for someone who has some money to invest in their affiliate marketing business and for someone who has no money it will be 5x harder.

For me, I consumed EVERYTHING marketing and affiliate marketing. I also learned sales and sales tactics. I consumed content about all things sales and I did this because I felt that it was closely related and it helped me.

I consumed content about ad copy and I read everything I could about creating ad copy. Then I would write down any ad copy that I saw that was good. If I got a sales letter in the mail I would read it and then I would write it down. I did this to get the flow and try to reverse engineer the copy.

You will have to be willing to do things like this in order to learn for free. After that, I learned how to photoshop and video edit. You do not have to be a pro but having the basic skills needed to create eye-catching ad creatives will be your bread and butter.

I eventually started running ads and paying for traffic and I learned how to create ad campaigns on every popular traffic source that I could get my ads on. This gave me a first-hand experience on how this is done and how to analyze the data. Actually seeing my ads run and looking at their ROAS helped me understand customer behavior and ad placement.

affiliate marketing startup cost

With no money, you will have to be creative in finding free traffic. You may want to find a new blog type of website that is not running ads and offer them a 50% commission cut if they put your ad creative on their website.

dij university affiliate course

You will have to be able to create a landing page for your offer. You can direct links but your conversion rate will suffer. At first, you may have to do this but this is why starting with no money will push back your successful date back by a lot.

I want to make it clear to you that with no money it will take you probably 6 months of nonstop learning. Then testing and figuring out a way to get free traffic and then optimizing. Without knowing how to code a website or a landing page you will have to direct link and possibly work a deal out with a small-time blogger.

On the other hand, if you have some money to invest in a website building software and or a landing page creator you can speed things up. This investment should not cost more than $100. 

I use Blue Host, WordPress for my websites and it is inexpensive for investment for what you get back. Just with that, you can make millions, with time.

You can create valuable content on a website of your and then traffic will come. With the traffic, you can monetize your website by placing ads on your website and placing your affiliate links on your website.

If you are able to make this investment you should be able to see your first commission around 6 months of creating content on your website’s blog. This will take some hard work on your part.

You first will have to learn search engine optimization. You do not want to dedicate 6 months to a year into a website to later find out that you did it in a way that Google will not rank your website.

SEO is another skill that you will have to learn, especially if you are going to create blog content on your website for free organic internet traffic. If you want to hire a writer to do the content writing for you I recommend hiring someone from UpWork or a similar website. This will cost you anywhere from 2-6 cents a word.

You can find good writers for 2 cents but it will take some time. At 3-4 cents a word you should get good quality writing done for you and writers will be happy to work with you. 5-6 cents a word the content has to be top-notch and if I am paying that much the writer has to be an experienced writer on the particular subject. 

Now for the person who has a minimum of $1,000 to invest in their affiliate marketing business. I would recommend paying for traffic. This will be fast and gets you the traffic that you are looking for immediately.

Again you need to have the knowledge because without it you will burn through all your ad budget. At least consume as much free content about paid ads as possible. There are many different traffic sources but the most popular is search engines, social media, native website ads.

 What you decide to run with is entirely up to you. Every traffic source has pros and cons.

Search engine paid traffic like Google and Bing will be expensive but the quality of the traffic is high. When someone types into their search engine that they are looking to buy something they obviously are in a buying mode and the conversions are easier.

The social media traffic is good because you can target the type of person who is most likely to be interested in your offer. If you are offering makeup or skin cream, you will be able to target a female between 30-60 in Florida. This type of targeting will make your life easier.

However, Facebook and Instagram and tik Tok do not like affiliate marketer and they have strict rules. I have had countless account bans and you will too because you are bound to make a mistake and they will ban your account. 

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With native advertisement, you do not have the targeting that social media has but they are lenient when it comes to their ad rules.

You have to decide what best fits your affiliate marketing business marketing module and go with that.

I can not end this without mentioning that I did not start to make real money until I invested in myself and my affiliate business until I got a mentor. This will be a financial investment but if done right you will have a huge ROI with this investment.

Here is a list of my best mentors that helped me:

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Can you make good money from affiliate marketing?

Chart How much do affiliate marketer make a year

Yes, you can make good money as an affiliate marketer if you discover the secret strategies. Affiliate marketing continues to grow and the opportunities that come with it are on the rise as we see online shopping to continue to increase year after year.

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How long does affiliate marketing take to be successful?
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