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After buying several courses on how to make money online I bought the Income School P24 course and you have to discover this review before you invest in it also. 

A full in-depth review of Income Schools P24 course needs to answer the most important question. Will you make the money that you invested to buy the course back? If all instructions are followed that are found within the course there will be a return on investment. 

How much of a return will you have after implanting what you have learned? This depends on how you are implementing the information. It is easy to overlook things that the course teaches and this is because it is information overload. In this article, we will review the income school P24 course and I will point out things that you have to pay extra attention to in order to make your investment back, and some.

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Further down we will discuss the following topics:

Is the Income School P24 worth the money? (Review)

When I invest in a course I want to know if it is going to give me enough value that I will be able to make money online with the knowledge that I will receive in the course.

Income School’s P24 SEO course is worth it to anyone who wants to learn how to create content on a website around a specific subject to then monetize the traffic that will be driven to the website. If you already know how to generate traffic to your website then you will want to pass on this course.

If you want to learn about backlinks and other black hat SEO tricks this course is not for you because this course does not teach any black hat tactics. 

The course is less than half the price that I have seen other “SEO Experts” are charging for their course. 

The price is perfect for anyone who is starting out. It is not so inexpensive that the public discourse chat is filled with tons of questions. But it is not too expensive to make the course out of reach for ordinary people.

I have been in the course for 6 months and I have found tons of value. I have already won a few number 1 results and I also have won a snippet. 

I am getting results and it only has been 6 months. This should not be the case but I wrote my lowest competition keywords first. 

The reason why I decided to write a review on the Income School course is because my results have been so good.

For proof Google search “affiliate marketing vs SMMA”, you will see that my website (the website that you are on right now) ranks number 1. 

I did not buy a single backlink or do any backlink outreach. 

dij university affiliate course

For more proof that income schools SEO methodology works search for “Dijs University review”. You will see that I am the top result outside of the actual website for Dijs University. Being able to rank first for a course (that I also am part of the community of and highly recommend) is a huge financial win for your website.

Yet another article that I have ranked number one for on Google is “Landerize review”. Landerize is a landing page software that is made specifically for affiliate marketers. I use it for my affiliate landing page offers. 

Search any of these keywords and my NEW website will be the top result on Google.

Obviously, the methodology that Income School’s P24 course teaches works. 

What about snippets? They have a specific secret sauce tactic that nobody teaches. Does their tactic to win Google snippets work?

income school free training

If you search for “affiliate marketing vs SMMA” on a desktop you will see that we are winning the snippet for that key phrase also.

What does this all mean? Why am I showing you this information? 

It is to prove to you that Income School teaches a new way of ranking and it definitely works. With top rankings, your website can be monetized with ads and with affiliate links for related products.

So again to answer the question, is it worth investing in the Income Schools course?

 Of course, it is because when done right you will be able to make money online with an asset that you own on the internet. Having a website that has valuable useful content that ranks on Google will generate traffic and with enough traffic, you will be able to convert traffic into profits. 

The course does also come with a yearly investment but that is also well worth it and we will get into that later on. 

With the initial investment being what it is you will be able to make your investment back.

If you are starting your first website from scratch it will take some time before you you see a return on the course, but it will happen if you follow the instructions. 

Because Income School teaches a white-hat strategy to SEO it will take over a year to make your money back. It is a slow process because your website starts in the Google sandbox and without buying backlinks it is going to take time to rank organically. 

It takes more time doing it this way but it is the way to do it if you want to build a long-lasting online business. 

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Buying illegal backlinks for your website can get it a manual action from Google and this will wipe your website off the search engine until it is fixed. So this method may not be worth the risk. 

This is why I wanted to write a review on the Income School course. Most of the other courses are going to teach black hat methods.

After 8 months your first few blog posts should start to rank on Google and your traffic should start to experience a gradual increase in traffic. 

It takes a few months for your post to rank on Google so as long as you were consistent with your blog content output you will continue to increase your website traffic. 

Website traffic should look like this:

Months 1-448 Posts Written0-100 Visitors a Month
Months 5-896 Posts Written101-1,000 Visitors a Month
Months 9-12144 Post Written1,001-5,000 Visitors a Month
Income School Review Chart

If you can get 3 blog posts done a week you should have 156 posts done in a year. This is very doable if you are serious. I was able to get 100 posts in 5 months and that is with 3 kids and a demanding job and business.

After 1 year your website should have a minimum of 120 posts. That comes out to 2.3 blog posts a week. At the one year mark, your website will be ranking for all the blog posts that you wrote within the first 6 months. 

At that rate, you will be ranking for about 60 posts. Even though you have written 120 posts, those newer posts have not had enough time for them to rank on Google. 

At an average of 500 monthly visitors conservatively (the goal is 1,000) per post, those 60 posts should be driving 30,000 visits to your website a month. 

Even with Ezoic who pays a low CPM for ads you should be at about $5 CPM. That is $150 dollars a month. Once your website starts to hit 25,000 visitors a month I would start to apply for Mediavine because they will pay at least double and obviously that $150 would be at least $300 a month. 

All this information to prove that yes you should be able to make your investment back but it will take time. It is going to take a lot of hard work to get to this point but once you get to this point you will know how to repeat this process over and over. 

You can continue to work on this website until you are happy with the content and then you can sell it or you can create another website and just maintain this one. Point is you will continue to make money from this website and it is a piece of internet real estate that you own and that generates money.

I truly stand by Income Schools P24 course and this review are the facts.

Income school p24 review

How much money can I make from a website created from the income school P24 course?  

How much money can you make on a website made from your Income School P24 course largely depends on your skill and the website niche. After 2 years you can expect a P24 website to generate $5,000 monthly. This is if the course is followed correctly. 

A website in a niche like finance can have a higher than average CPM. A website in the video game vertical will have a lower CPM.

Anstrex spy tool

After 2 years you should have 200 blog posts already written. The goal is to average 1,000 page views per article written. But if you only average 500 visitors per blog post, your total monthly traffic should be at 100,000 a month. 

For your ads you should be with Mediavine by this point and you should be at least at $15 CPM. That comes out to $1,500 a month for ads.

Then within your content, you should have affiliate links for products related to your website’s niche. For example, if you have a website about pets you would have recommended animal food, medicine, toys, insurance, etc. 

The affiliate links for a website with this much traffic should generate another $1,500 a month.

If the course is followed you also will have a YouTube channel and if you have made a video with every post you should be at $500 a month from YouTube. That is a total of $3,500 a month so far. 

The last way to monetize your website is for an info product or membership of some sort. Once your YouTube channel grows and you have decent traffic from both your website and YouTube you can launch your info product.

If your website is in the pet niche you can have an ebook that teaches people how to train your dog or how to get your bird to talk, etc. There are tons of different ebook ideas that you can create.

This should be you biggest source of income from your website. Your info product should generate another $2,000 a month and that puts your website total to $5,500 a month. 

What do I need to be successful in the P24 Income School course?

You will need to be a hard worker and be willing to learn and implement everything you learn.

The course does not walk you through how to create a website or how to create good ad copy.

These skills are going to be essential in you becoming successful with the P24 course.

skills needed for affiliate marketing

After you have created an info product you are also going to have to learn marketing and ad campaign management.

This can all be learned online and I do not want to scare you but I want you to be prepared.

Focus on getting started and work hard everyday and you will get all the knowledge that you need to be successful.

Is the renewal fee worth paying for?

The renewal fee for Income School is well worth the investment because you get a stupid fast WordPress theme that is included with the membership. It also comes with an active member chat. You also get access to their podcast and they add content to their course occasionally. 

The secret to beating other affiliate marketers is ...

So it is well worth the investment because you get all these extras. I almost forgot to mention but you also get a plugin for your affiliate links. The plugin keeps track of all your affiliate links and if one is broken you can make your change through the plugin and it changes the link everywhere it shows up on your website. 

The discord chat is always active and people are quick to help you out with great useful information. I have asked a question and within minutes I get a response. 

I really like it when members post their stats and having a community to talk to has helped me out in a lot of different ways. 

If you come into the chat you will find me there (LGM Marketer).

I am not writing this review because I heard about Income School, I am writing this review because I invested in it and I am living it, NO BS. 

What does the Income School P24 course teach?

The income School P24 course teaches:

  1. How to structure a blog post so that it can be ranked by Google
  2. How to perform keyword analysis 
  3. How to optimize your blog post to win the Google snippet 
  4. How to structure and execute a Channel on YouTube
  5. How to get ads on your website
  6. How to hire writers for content creation
  7. How to monetize your website
  8. How to choose a niche
  9. How to edit video on Mac

The Income School P24 course teaches a few other things but this list is the 9 most valuable things that I took from the course. 

I found the website niche list to help me get started. If you are not sure what niche you want to make your website in, take a look at their list of niche website ides

I have paid over $1,000 for other courses to only get information on one marketing platform. Jim and Ricky pack so much value into their course that it really is a no brainer if you are looking to quit your job and start making money online. 

This is not easy and it is not a fast make money online scheme, you will have to pout in the work but if you do it will be well worth the investment because your life will change. 

This truly is an in-depth Income school review on their course and can give you what you need to start an online business.

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I hope that you received value form my Income School Review, happy Marketing!

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