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After writing over two hundred blog post I have discovered what Google keyword tools work best.

The best Google keyword search tool is using Google’s autocomplete tool. This will give you an idea of what other people are searching for.  No keyword tool will have data for every single search that happens on the internet. However, if you want a Keyword tool that can help KWFinder is effective.

Using both Google’s autocomplete and KWFinder with each other can really help you find keywords that you can target for easy traffic to your website. We will discuss just how to use these tools together and how you can make money with this strategy.

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How to use the Google autocomplete tool to find keywords?

When you are looking for new keywords to target on your website it may feel like you hit a brick wall. The best solution to this dilemma is using Google’s autocomplete tool. You will start a sentence with a word that is related to your niche and start adding letters of the alphabet one by one. 

This process may take some time but you will discover many new keywords to target. 

Let us look at this blog post that you are reading now. 

The target keyword is “keyword tool”. If I wanted to target a long-tail variation of this keyword or if I wanted to target a similar keyword we could find it by using Google’s autocomplete tool.

I would first type into the search bar the words “keyword tool” then I would add the letter “a” to the end of the phrase.

It would look like this: “keyword tool a”

The result list will show one result being “keyword tool AdWords”

This can possibly be a good keyword to target.

dij university affiliate course

 I do not only do this to find my keywords. 

I also use KWFinder after I have made a list of keywords that I want to target. No keyword tool will be accurate. There is just way too much search volume that happens on the internet for a keyword tool to have the ability to crawl all of it for accurate data. 

The tool can help you identify some good keywords but it is not going to be one hundred per cent accurate. 

You will find that there are some keywords that appear to have zero search volume but in fact, has tons of traffic associated with it. 

I would recommend writing the content anyway. The only way to know for sure that the keyword has no traffic is to write the content and test it out.

Another important step that you can take when writing new content on your website with keywords is to place the content in an SEO keyword tool.

A tool like this will tell you if you need to increase your keywords density or if you need to write a longer or shorter piece of content. 

Yes, a good keyword content tool will tell you to shorten your content. A tool like this will save you time and money.

I wrote a post titled “How to make a lot of money online”. I knew that I was going to have to bring my A-game. I wanted to create an ultimate guide with a lot of free valuable content. I spend a long time putting that piece of content together. 

I wrote a ten thousand masterpiece on the subject. Needless to say, Google will not even index the page. It has zero chance of ranking in the state that it is in.

I had to go against Niel Patel that was ranking on page one for this term. His articles rank number one for a lot of marketing type of terms and it is intimidating to see one of his articles ranking on page one.

So this is why I went all-in on this article. 

money from computer laptop

I have hyperlinks to off-page references and I also added videos to the page. Nothing will work because Google does not like it. I leave it the way it is because I want to use it as training.

Content length matters and getting this right will save you so much time and money. I spend hours upon hours writing that post and putting it together. 

Google does not like the length and I wasted my time writing this piece of content. I want to keep it and use it as a starter for anyone who wants to start making money online with affiliate marketing. 

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The on-page content optimising tool that I use is called surfer SEO. This tool will help you rank for more long-tail keywords and will help you create and or edit content in a way that Google wants to see. 

This step is important because without Google’s approval that the website page will never be found on an organic search.

This tool is expensive but can help. 

The Google autocomplete strategy is highly effective and it is completely free. You want to give Google what it wants and Google wants to keep its users happy. If Google autocompletes a phrase it is a strong signal that people are searching that phrase on Google and good is trying to make it easier for the user by adding what it thinks the user is trying to say. 

The key here is to give the users what they want and you will be fine. 

Again if you want to use a keyword finder I would KWFinder

For on-page SEO I strongly recommend surfer. I am not an affiliate for Surfer but I have to recommend this product because it will make you a lot of money. 

How can KWFinder help me with keyword research?

With KWFinder you will be able to search a keyword and the data will give you the search volume, CPC, PPC and keyword difficulty. You will also discover the SERP data competition. The DA, PA, link count, will all be listed for the top results. Related keywords & keyword ideas will also appear. 

This information that you find in KWFinder is as accurate as you can get. It is not perfect but it is better than the rest. The main data information that tends to be not as accurate as I would have liked is the search volume for specific keywords.

Some keywords will be spot on but other keywords will show a low search volume or a low search volume. But when ranking number one on the Google search results, I would not be shocked to discover that the actual traffic is a lot higher than what the KWFinder tool told me. 

This happens with all search keyword tools, so this, unfortunately, is unavoidable but KWFinder is better than the competition. 

I recommend using Google’s autofill to create a long list of targeted keywords. Then use KWFinder to look at the competition and the estimated search volume.

This will give you a nice list of keywords and an idea of the search volume and the competition. Make a plan on what post you want to create first and then get started. 

Once you start creating content for your website I would run the post through Surfer SEO for your on-page SEO.


How to find Google keywords for free?

Google keywords can be discovered completely free and that is by using Google’s autofill feature that is built into the search bar. Another way to find keywords that you should target is by using a website called This website has a multitude of possible search variations of any term you can imagine.

Anstrex spy tool

You type into the database any term and within seconds many different variations of that term will appear. It is all search variations of what people are searching on the internet. 

For example, if you type into the search the words “Keyword tool” a few of the results will be:

  • Keyword tool free
  • Keyword tool for beginners
  • Do I need a keyword tool?
  • Does a keyword tool work?

This is just a few of the results, there are many more to choose from for new ideas. 

This is a great free keyword tool for you to use when looking for a new keyword idea to target in your blog post and or website. 

With all these tools added to your arsenal, you will be able to target keywords that are easy to rank for and that will drive traffic to your website. With more traffic that means more revenue for your business so it is a win-win especially since most of the tools mentioned are free!

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