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I have been doing affiliate marketing for a few years now and I understand the importance of having a good fast-loading landing page for your affiliate offers.

Landerize is a landing page software designed for affiliate marketers and the reviews are great but not perfect. With any new software, there are some small issues but as a whole, they offer a great product that delivers on their promise of having a fast-loading landing page that converts.

In the affiliate marketing space, you have to get any edge that you can and a slight improvement over the competition can generate huge financial gains in your campaigns. We will look deeper into the Landerize landing page software.

Further down we will review the following valuable information about Landing page Software for affiliate marketers:

Is Landerize worth the investment?

 Landerize offers the best landing page software for affiliate marketers. What makes Landerize work well for affiliates is the fact that you can store your landers on Amazons AWS servers and that feature makes your landing pages load faster than the competition. 

For every second of landing page load speed, you can lose up to 7% of traffic. Most visitors are expecting that your page will load within 2 seconds and if it takes longer they will click the back button. Source


The landing page load speed is extremely important for conversions. I know that according to Niel Patel you can lose up to 7% and he is an expert at landing page conversions. In my experience, I have not seen such a drastic drop in conversions but my conversions increase by a total of 8 seconds when I started using Landerize for my sales funnels.

I was getting a 6-second landing page load speed on a competitor’s software. When I changed to Landerize my landing page load speed dropped to 2 seconds. That is a swing of 4 seconds and I increased my conversions by 8%. That is an average of a 2% increase in conversions per second gained.

An 8% increase may not seem like a big number but if you are making $1,000 a day and you increased your conversions by 8% you could be earning an extra $80 a day or $2,400 extra a month.

You can see how having a fast-loading landing page is important. That is why Landerize was developed. It solved the solution of slow loading landing pages. 

With affiliate marketers in mind, this software was created and no other landing page software can make that claim. 


Amazons AWS servers are the fastest and best servers that you can use. This is because of their power and reliability. Besides the fact that you will have your landing page stored on Amazon’s servers, you will benefit from the fact that you will be able to take advantage of Amazon’s servers infrastructure.

Amazon has servers located strategically all around the globe and your landing page will be pulled from the closest server location to your visitor. This makes loading speeds lightning-fast no matter the end-users’ location.

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With the increase to your landing page speeds, you will be increasing your conversions and the minimal investment for Landerize will be well worth every penny.

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Can Landerize handle heavy traffic?

Landerize can handle heavy traffic, unlike other landing page software. Landerize uses Amazons AWS servers for hosting and because of this, you can send as much traffic as you like and you will not experience any disruption of traffic.

As an affiliate marketer you often are media buying a lot of traffic for your offers and having a tool like Landerize that can handle heavy traffic is worth the investment.

I have heard of horror stories of affiliate marketers who are sending thousands of dollars worth of traffic to their landing pages and then the servers crash.

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Sometimes it can take a few hours before you will even know that the servers are down. All that ad spend during this time will be for nothing because you are directing traffic to a broken lander.

This mistake will cost you thousands of dollars and having the peace of mind of using Amazons servers will help you sleep better at night.

There are many affiliate marketers that promote sweepstake types of offers and the payouts are low but the conversions are high because of the fact that the viewer does not have to pay for anything in order for the affiliate to get a commission.

Often these types of offers are incentivized with a chance to win free trips, cash, shopping sprees, etc. This makes the conversion happen fast and you will need a fast-loading landing page that can handle this type of heavy traffic.

Landerize was developed by Colin Dijs and he is one of the best push ad and sweepstakes affiliate marketers. These types of affiliate marketers send massive traffic to their landers every day and having a reliable landing page that converts at a high percentage is a must for their business to be profitable.

With the amount of traffic that Colin sends to his affiliate offers every day we know that Landerize has been battle-tested under the most difficult situations that you can put your landing page under and it passes the test every day.

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Is Landerize better than ClickFunnels?

Landerize was developed for affiliate marketers and ClickFunnels was designed to sell your own info product and because of this, they both have different functions. However, with Landerize you can promote any type of offers without any issue and this makes Landerize the clear winner.

Unfortunately, ClickFunnels is slow and it seems that the landing page load speeds are getting slower as time passes. This is probably because more and more people are buying the ClickFunnels software and the servers are having a hard time keeping up with the demand.

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When I first started using ClickFunnels my landing page speeds were ok but not the landing page speeds are way too slow. This was costing me money on my campaigns and for the investment that I was making every month, I needed to find a better option for my affiliate marketing business.

This is when I discovered the best landing page software for affiliate marketers. It pains me to say this but ClickFunnels is not worth the $300 a month anymore. You will get better results in my experience from Landerize.

I would get a nice size monthly commission for every person I recommended to ClickFunnels but I can not do this any longer because they simply are not the best product for affiliates anymore.

Maybe if you just want to sell your digital course and are not sending too much traffic to your landing page it may be ok to use ClickFunnels. Keep in mind that no matter how much traffic you are sending your page load speed will be slow and you will lose conversions.

This is why Landerize is best because it can handle a little traffic or a lot of traffic. No matter your situation Landerize will get you the best results for your ad campaigns.

Landerize is a fraction of the price as competitors and for better results. You may not have heard of Landerize because they are specifically for affiliate marketers but rest assured that they have a superior product.

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What is the biggest issue with Landerize?

The biggest issue with Landerize is that it may not be as user friendly as the competitors. Other landing page software options are easier to set up because they use their own servers. With Landerize you have to set up an Amazon AWS server and linking the two can be challenging to do at first.

Once you have done this process a few times it will become easy to do. It is worth doing this because you will get the best results from your ad campaigns. 

If you are technically challenged and this seems like a daunting task the good news is that you have an easy to follow step by step guide on the Landerize website. You also have a few YouTube videos that you can watch and pause as you follow along.

At times the Lanerize will not save my progress. This is not a big deal but I also wanted to mention this. Make sure to hit the save button constantly and frequently and you will be ok.

Does Landerize have premade templates?

Landerize does have a premade template that you can use as soon as you signup for their free trial. These premade templates have been tested by Colin Dijs and have proven to be the best converting landing pages for your offers. 

You can choose from a multitude of landers, no matter the vertical you will have a premade lander to select. There are short form and long form advertorials to choose from.

The landers also come with converting ad copy and creatives that can give you inspiration for your ad campaign. The templates are from actual converting ad campaigns that the developer ran in his converting campaigns.

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Landerize offers the best results for affiliate marketers who are looking for a fast-loading landing page for their ad campaigns. Landerize is built to work with AWS servers that will allow the end-user to load the landing page from a local server and this is why Landerize is your best solution.

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