Why It Is Important To Have A Website? – Secret To Revenue Growth

I get to see first hand how important a website is for someone starting a business and or brand. The website will help gain recognition and bring customers to your business.

With a website, you can take a piece of this traffic and guide potential customers from a Google search result over to your website. With 3.5 Billion Google search results everyday all you need is a small piece of the traffic for your website to make a substantial increase to your profits.

Do you want your business to be successful and to make profits? Yes of course you do and since you are in business to make money, a website is not optional. 

A website is like having a physical location for your business that is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you already have a brick and mortar physical location a website will be like having that store open year-round and you do not have to pay an employee to open or close it or to manage the store. 

A website can get people into your physical location if you have one. If you do not and your business is done at customer homes or anywhere else a website is still valuable. A website will serve as your store virtually. You can sell merchandise, book appointments, obtain contact information, set up appointments and most importantly the real value of having a website is using it on different advertising platforms to get more clients and increasing your profits.


The internet is like the ocean and your website is your straw. Your business is a cup and you are using your straw (your website) to siphon water into your cup (your business) from the ocean every day. 

How Much Money Are You Losing Every Day Because You Do Not Have A Website? 


The first thing you need to find out is your LTV or CLV (customer lifetime value). Let us use the example of a hairstylist. According to lookfantastic.com 

Typically a woman on average visits the hair salon once a month and spends $80 on every visit. Once you find out the average a customer spends on your business a month, you have to multiply that by 12 to find out how much money they spend on your services. That number is your CLV or CLTV (customer lifetime value). The CLV is how much they spend a year on your service. In the case of the average hairstylist in the United States, each customer is worth 80 (average monthly spend) x 12 (months in a year)= $960 CLV.

Now that we know what the CLV is for a hairstylist. We need to find out how much of an investment marketing will be. We will use the current promotional offer that LGM Marketing Group (you are on their website right now) is offering. A completely free design and build and optimization of a Google optimized website. Your investment is only for the hosting fee. That fee varies month to month but lets us go with the low-end price of $50 a month.

Now you will have to decide what marketing strategy you would like to invest in. If you are on a budget and do not have time to build up a following on social media platforms like Facebook and or Instagram, I would recommend a search engine platform. Google and Bing are number one and number 2 in this industry. 

The good thing about advertising on these search engine platforms is that when someone takes the time to type into their search engine “Nearest hairstylist to me” or “Best hairstylist near me”, they are what is considered a hot potential client. Meaning it is a customer that is actively needing your services. They have a problem and they are looking for someone to solve this problem for them. Usually, when they search for this it is because they need a remedy for their problem soon.

This type of marketing strategy is effective and can get customers into your doors today. The cost of an ad campaign on Google varies. But to keep things simple let us just say that you hire LGM Marketing to do it for you because you are too busy running your business to learn about entertaining ad creatives and creative ad copy. You get the $497 Google ad campaign package for 1 month.

You would target several keywords but again to keep things simple let us just go with one. The keyword phrase we are going to use for this example is “Hairstylist in Miami”. According to ubersuggest this keyword phrase will cost $1.69 a click. The ads click-through rate also plays a big role in this equation but let us guess low and say you get 50 clicks that month.

After 50 different hot potential clients click on your ad and visit your website, let us guess low and say only 10% call and book. That would be 5 bookings ($400 according to the average) and if you retain 1 of those customers and you add their CLV into this equation that will be another 11 months of services, adding another $880. The total earning for this 1-month campaign 1 year later is $1,280. And you only invested $50 for the website and $500 for the Google ad campaign managing. 

If someone told you that if you invested $550 into a stock today and you will get more than double back in a year, you would take that offer. Marketing is similar, many people feel that you get the customer into the door and that is it. When analyzing your return on investment in your marketing campaigns you need to factor in CLV and the marketing power of word month from those clients that came into your establishment. Remember this was if you only retained 1 client and only booked 5 clients. What if you booked more and or retained more? The profits just keep compounding.

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How To Make Your Website Work Like An Employee That Always Is Working?

. When you build your site make it work for you. Make sure to place your email address, physical address, and phone number. A picture of where you are located on a map can be helpful. A contact card that people can quickly type a question and it is sent directly into your email inbox. Seamless and easy for your client, they don’t even have to text or open up their email to send you a message.

Having an FAQ page is fantastic and if you sell merchandise a website is a must. You will be making money selling products while you are asleep, it does not get better than that. 

What is the easiest way to get a website done fast?

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Having your website designed and built for free by LGM Marketing Group will be how to get the website done fast and easy. The hosting investment is $47 a month.

Main reason why it is important to have a website
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Main reason why it is important to have a website
Do you want your business to be successful and to make profits? Yes of course you do and since you are in business to make money, a website is not optional.
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