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I have been in marketing for a few years and before this, I owned a brick and mortar store so I have experienced both sides of the spectrum. I want to put together important information that can help small business owners. 

Small businesses need marketing and they need it streamlined and priced at a rate that is affordable. LGM Marketing offers small business startups a free website that is optimized to rank on Google’s search engine.

We will build a website that looks professional and one that converts website visitors into customers. 

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Continue on down this post to discover important information that can save you thousands on your marketing budget.

Topics that will be covered further down are:

  • Small business marketing help
  • Does a small business need a marketing agency?
  • Does Instagram work for small businesses?
  • How much does a website cost for a small business?
  • How much does marketing cost for a small business?

Small Business Marketing Help

There are a few things that you should know about when hiring a marketing agency to help grow your business. 

Here is a list of questions that you should ask if you are outsourcing your marketing:

  • 1. If they outsource any of their services 
  • 2. How much is their monthly retainer?
  • 3. How long is the contract?
  • 4. Do they have experience working in your industry?
  • 5. Are they located in the United States?
  • 6. What is their percent fee from ad campaigns?
  • 7. How much does a website cost?
  • 8. If they outsource any of their services?

Many agencies will outsource their website to build projects and or marketing projects. They will usually outsource to an agency that is located in another country. 

This can be a problem because someone from another country may not be able to create a good ad copy that can relate to the person who is viewing your ad.

Micro targeted ads convert well and being able to relate to the end-user and make them feel that the ad was specifically written for them will be hard to do if the person who is writing the ad copy is not in the country.

An example of this is if your business is in Chicago and your target demographic is males above 40 years old. You can run an ad that mentions Chicago and the 86 Bears. 

A local will feel a connection to the ad and people click or buy because of emotion and if you can tap into this audience like this your ad will convert more and your return on marketing investment will increase.

It will be harder for an outsourced person who is in another country to create a connection with the lead. 

If you are going to run your own ads this is a secret marketing tactic that every good marketer uses. It is better to run several hyper-targeted ads versus one broad ad.

real estate money

Analyze who your clients are and target them using a few different angles. Marketing is about testing and more testing. Test these angles and your targeted demographic and kill the underperforming ads and scale the over-performing ads.

If you are looking to build a long-lasting brand you will want to use a different angle. But for a new start-up a small business that needs clients in the doors as soon as possible this will be a good tactic.

If your budget is low you can run ads on Google ads and on YouTube and target your local area this will target high-value leads. Anyone typing into their search engine the keywords that you have chosen will gt people who are looking for your type of services or product to see your ad.

Marketing strategies

How much is their monthly retainer?

Most digital marketing agencies will charge a monthly retainer for their services. Ask them upfront how much is it and what exactly does that cover? 

Another good question to ask is how much of the retainer goes their fee and how much goes to paying for the actual ad.

What they do is take the $1,000 you paid that month and they will take about 50% and pay for the actual ads on whatever platform you are running ads on. Then they will take the other 50% and pocket it for their services. 

Every business needs to get paid for their services but make sure that they are not taking too much of the retainer towards their fees. High-end agencies will charge up to 60-70% for their fee.

How long is the contract?

When you agree to hire a marketing agency you often will be required to sign a contract. Make sure that there is no long term contract agreement if you sign. 

I have seen where they will send over the paperwork for the client to sign and the client thinks that its a month to month deal. After 8 months the client wants to cut ties with the marketing agency and they are stuck into paying for 4 more months of services because it was a one-year agreement. Not cool at all!

Do they have experience working in your industry?

This is important because if they do have experience working within the same industry as what your business is in they can eliminate bad angles that they have tested and know that those angles do not work. 

This will save on the campaign’s marketing spend and your return will be higher than normal.

If you are getting a website built and they already have to build a website that is similar they can reuse the template and this will save on time and this should result in savings to you.

website for small business

Are they located in the United States?

As I mentioned before having an agency that solely operates in the United States will be more expensive but it will end up making you more money. Your ads can lose you money and then the saving will not be worth it.

What is their percent fee from ad campaigns?

Ask how much of their fee is paying for actual ads and how much are they keeping for themselves.

How much does a website cost?

IF you are having a website developed you need to ask how many pages are included, how much text does that include, how many pictures and the video does it include.

Do not be blindsided with hidden fees, make sure you know exactly what is it that you are getting.

Is marketing important

Does a small business need a marketing agency?

I remember when I owned a physical location where I needed customers to walk into my place business so I could make money. It is scary because you need this steady flow of business to make money.

There are many different marketing platforms a small business can market on and hiring a marketing agency can take care of this important task for you. This will help your business stand out from the competition and it will grow your revenue.

With marketing strategies, this can be done and if you already are making money marketing will make you more money. 

I wanted to do it all when I was a small business owner. I would run myself ragged from morning to night and it eventually lowered my quality of life. It also affected the quality of my work. 

Since I was always rushing I was doing a poor job at everything. I eventually realized that being a business owner is not about slaving yourself to the business, it is about firing yourself over and over.

I became a business owner because I did not want to slave myself to a job and I had become a slave to my business instead. Once I learned that to scale my business I had to fire myself over and over I was able to scale. 

If you are in the same boat I recommend finding someone that can do the job for you for a reasonable rate. Fire your self from whatever task it is and hire this person to do it for an hourly rate.

With that in mind think twice before trying to market your own business. There are certain things that you can do that will cost you your whole marketing budget.

I remember looking at a business owner’s ad as part of my free consultation. I found that he was running ads to the state of Florida and when his business was in Boca Raton. This was a physical location where his ideal customers live within 30 miles of his shop.

What a mistake, he had been paying for ads that were showing in the whole state. He lost all that money because he did not know what he was doing. If you have to bootstrap I get it but educate yourself before launching campaigns.

Free website for small businesses

LGM Marketing Group knows the struggle when first opening a business. THe inventory filling, payrole, inspections, landlord issues, etc.

We have been there so we are giving you an opportunity to get a FREE website.

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Related Questions:

Does Instagram work for small businesses?

There are over 1 billion people on Instagram’s platform. With this information, you have to have a presence on Instagram. Have an employee post 3 times a day and this will help your business brand.

How much does a website cost for a small business?

marketing budget

The cost of a website build will start at $12,000 and can reach up to $150,000. Maintenance fees for the website will be between $35 – $5,000 a month. The price range depends on how many pages are on the website and what features will be on the site. Source

How much does marketing cost for a small business?

How much should my marketing budget be?

A small business should invest a minimum of 5% of their total revenue into a marketing budget. The marketing budget will increase depending on business goals and what industry the business is in. If the business is new and wants to grow a minimum of 10% should be invested in a marketing budget.

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