Best & creative real estate agent marketing ideas

Discovering the best and creative marketing ideas for real estate agents can bring in a lot of commission checks and this is why I put this valuable information together.

Seeing the change in my mother’s and wife’s real estate agent careers after they implemented a few creative marketing ideas has opened up my eyes to what every real estate agent should be doing to make more commissions.

The best creative marketing ideas for real estate agents will set them apart from the competition. Implementing search engine marketing, search engine optimization on their website, social media ad campaigns and email capture are just a few of the ways real estate agents can market their services.

Most real estate agents are not taking advantage of all these marketing platforms. The ones that market their services on these platforms are the ones who make a lot of money.

Further down we will review the best creative following topics:

The best & creative social media marketing for real estate agents

When it comes to social media marketing for real estate agents you will have to be creative to get the attention of people who come across your ad. This is not easy because typically someone on social media is on the platform to look at pictures of their friends or they are on the platform to scroll through their feed at a lightning-fast pace.

It seems like people are trying to find something worthy of their attention so they can be entertained for a few seconds. They blaze through the feed so fast that they barely gave any of the content a chance to get their attention.

There are times when their attention stops and they look at the ad picture. If it does not get them within a few seconds they a back to the scrolling. 

This is why you have to be creative with your ads on social media.

Attention span of humans

The average attention span of a human is about 8 seconds! Source 

With this short of an attention span, you will have to make sure that you are using the pattern interruption ad creative strategy.

The pattern interrupt is when you create an ad or video that breaks the pattern of all the rest of the other pictures and video thumbnails that the person is scrolling passed. 

This can be done a few ways and you should test all of them out to see what works best with that particular ad that you are running on social media.

Placing a red box around your ad will definitely help your ad creative stand out. Also if you can add a circle and or an arrow on the ad will increase the click-through rate.

Then if you can add curiosity to the ad you will have a winning ad for sure. 

real estate money

You do not want to give the viewer the whole answer to what you are offering on your add. By giving them too much information you are giving them more reasons not to click on your add. The more clicks you get to your add them more chances you have of getting more clients and the lower your ad impressions will cost.

By creating good ads that have a pattern interruption style of creative and has an element of curiosity will increase your clicks and lower your ad cost. It is a win-win for you, so I strongly encourage doing this strategy.

Let us look at an example that I created for demonstrative purposes. This picture is what I would use if I ran an ad on social media targeted for real estate agents. This would be for my website design or marketing services. Let us break down the picture because you can use this information when creating an add to get more clients on social media: 

real estate agent facebook instagram marketing ad

The picture has a border that stands out from the rest of the picture. Use a border color that is a different color than any of the colors in your ad.

Then I placed an arrow and circle to draw attention to the campaign. People are attracted to objects that are being held by someone else. It has been tested by marketing professionals and myself and I agree. Ad creatives when you can naturally have someone holding an object perform better than not.

A smile is warm and inviting so please use a picture of someone smiling. 

So we stop the person from scrolling because of the pattern interruption of this picture. Loud border and arrows and circles. The second they stop they will look at what is in the circle. Then they will read the ad copy that is in the picture.

“Celebrate more closing” “Fast and Easy” are the keywords. If I targeted real estate agents on social media and they stopped to see this picture there is no doubt that they would read the ad title.

They will want to know how to celebrate with more closing also and they would then read the title. 

The key to social media marketing is to keep the person moving through the ad, step-by-step. The title of this ad can say “Discover the secret every top real estate agent knows about”. 

At this point the have seen the picture and have read the ad copy. They will have to decide if they can afford to ignore this opportunity to discover a valuable piece of information. They will click because they would not want to know this piece of vital information.

And then I would continue the person down my sales funnel.

For a real estate agent that wants to be creative with their ad campaigns on social media, I would target retirees that live in a cold environment and I would create an ad that makes them curious about living part-time or full time in a state that is hot year-round. 

Sample: This picture with a border and arrows pointing at the drinks and a title of “This should be how you live your life every day”

We live in Florida so this strategy works well. But there is another strategy that you can use in any environment.

Target renters in social media. They do not own a home and if you can get in front of them with a great ad you may find yourself with a few showings.

The ad can have a picture of you giving house keys to someone or to a couple. Typically its married couples that buy homes so I would narrow the audience to Married women who rent. This performs best.

Again, the ad has a picture of you handing house keys to a couple and you guys are standing in front of this cute house. On the front lawn, you have a sold sign to really drive in what is happening here.

Place an arrow pointing to the circle and the circle on the keys!

The ad title can say “Stop wasting your money on rent payments today! Easy loan approval process”

real estate agent ad on facebook instagram
Feel free to swipe my sample pictures. They convert well!

The ad description can say:

If you are renting and live in XXXXX town you have to discover this opportunity before you waste another month paying rent. Click here for more details on this limited-time opportunity.

The limited-time opportunity is the mortgage rate or the home deal that you just found out about. So when they call you to have an answer for them. Get them over to your mortgage person for preapproval and yes some may not qualify but some will and now you show them a few homes that are within their price range.

You are getting people out from renting and you are going to be compensated for this service and everyone is happy except the landlord

You will have to have an optimized website and sales funnel to guide them on but getting them off a social media platform and over to your website is the hard part, Once they have decided to click on your ad and head to your website, they have decided that they need to know what this is all about.

Social media marketing prices are still underpriced at the moment. Eventually, they will go up and the real estate agents not making a lot of money will not be able to afford to start marketing on the platform. I would advise you to jump in while it still is affordable to do so.

Creative social media post for realtors

Most entrepreneurs who promote their business services on social media use the same old boring types of posts. First real estate agents need to know that the organic reach of social media for businesses is no longer as good as it once was.

Social media platforms now know that they can charge you money to boost posts and why should they show your post to a lot of people for free. 

I say that it is free to post so do it but I would not be spending too much time on free content that you are posting on social media. Paid ads unfortunately are what will get you results a lot faster.

As far as your regular post on social media, you have to be creative on what you are posting. I remember looking at a hairdresser’s social media post and they all were before and after pictures. Every single one!

There is nothing wrong with before and after pictures. They are needed to showcase the person’s skill but the person who is looking through the post is not going to get emotionally attached to the business owner.

The potential client is more likely to call if the business instead has some educational, entertaining content.

For a real estate agent, I like to see posts that let the viewer know that you are a real person and are normal just like they are.

A picture of your favorite breakfast, video of you at your desk talking about your plans for the workday, video of you calling for sale by owner listings.

This is what people want to see, the real you. Watching this will make the person feel as if they know you and now they have an emotion related to you. You will be remembered easier because they have seen you.

Videos of you walking through all your listings will also help. If you do not have many listings ask your coworkers if you can go and record a video of you walking through their listing. It only increases the chances of them closing the home so they will love it.

Also, show the hurdles that you jump through to get your deals done. This is what people will love to see and it shows that you are competent at your job and that you are needed.

family buying first home

How to get luxury real estate listings?

Every real estate agent wants to get the high-end listings so the can be considered to be a luxury property agents. This is not easy but it can be done a lot faster if you are creative with your brand marketing. 

Marketers making money

A creative way of getting these high-end listings is to promote high-end listings that belong to another realtor. Look for a high-end listing that is active in the MLS and contact the listing agent. 

If the home is empty or if the listing agent has an upcoming open house tell the listing agent that you would lie to come by and record a video to help promote the listing on your YouTube channel. It is free promotion for the listing agent and it gives you a free platform to help you move into the luxury side.

With a YouTube channel and with videos posted on your business pages on social media you will build a brand of being a high-end real estate agent. 

Every time you post a video of a high-end property you will be dropping a line into the water that gives you another opportunity to catch that big fish.

On your marketing platforms, people will see that you have a lot of content with high-end listings and someone who is in that market will be more likely to contact you to help them buy or sell a luxury property.

real estate agent with money

Even people who are not in the market to buy a high-end home are interested in what luxury homes are for sale in their area. These people will also see your videos of the homes and this will do two things for you.

1. You will get paid from YouTube if your channel reaches a point that brings in enough traffic.

2. These people will consume your content and guess who they will call when they want to buy a home? That is right they will call you because you already have built a relationship with them via your videos.

It is completely a win-win for everyone involved. I strongly recommend making these video walkthroughs of all the high-end listings in your area. The listing agents will love you for the extra marketing and you will benefit by helping your brand move over into what is considered the high-end luxury real estate market.

Another way of getting luxury home listings is to tell people who already live in a high-end community about your real estate services.

First, you need a few videos of the local high-end homes for sale on your social media and website. Do the strategy that was mentioned earlier.

Then create a marketing campaign and use a GOE fencing strategy. GEO fencing is when you create a campaign for a targeted audience and you hyper-target the audience by limiting the area. You narrow the campaigns reach to only areas of interest.

Real estate agent making money
real estate concept with US dollars and mini house shallow dof

For example, if you live in Orlando Florida and you already have a few high-end property listing on your website and social media platforms.

You then would create an ad campaign on Facebook that targets:

Married woman

Who live in specific communities.

In your campaign settings, you can add all the areas that you can find high-end homes in.

You will be excluding all the other areas. 

Use these two strategies and you will breakthrough into the high-end luxury property agent status.

If you do not have a personal website you will not be able to get many high-end luxury home listings. Having a personal website will help you close the deal because it shows that you are a professional and are a step above the norm.

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Creative search engine marketing for real estate agents

Search engine marketing is when you market on search engines like Google and or Bing. 

To market on search engines you will need to have a few hundred dollars to invest in this strategy. 

There are 3.5 billion searches a day on Google alone. This amount if traffic can not be ignored. 

google search volume

The best and creative strategy to use when marketing your real estate services on search engines is to out small.

Target 3-5 keywords and start with a small budget. A small budget is recommended because you are testing the platform. Also, add negative keywords to your campaign to increase your return on ad spend.

You are investing in data. The data will come in and you will have to analyze the data and you will see what people are searching.

Target a specific area and again only a few keywords. Make sure bot to use a broad match because you will be paying for unrelated searches. 

Phrase match is the best keyword type to target. 

For a detailed explanation of what phrase match is you can look at Google’s explanation of what it is here. Click here

A quick explanation of what phrase match is:

Phrase match is when you place your targeted keywords in quotations. By doing this your keyword will only appear for people who have typed in that keyword or a variation of that keyword.

This is more effective than a broad match or an exact match.

Broad match keywords will appear on the results for anyone why typed that keyword. This is bad because people can be searching for something that is not related to your exact services but you will be paying for that result and this will increase your cost per click.

Exact match is ok but may limit your result so much that you may not get much traffic at all.

Phrase match is a perfect mix of the two. 

For example, for a real estate agent, you have a few popular keywords to choose from.

real estate agent google searches


Let us use the keyword “real estate agent in Windermere”.

By placing the quotes I am telling the search engine (Google or Bing) that I only want my ad to appear for people who have those words in their search.

So if someone types in their search bay: best real estate agent in Windermere Florida.

My ad will bid on that result and more than likely my ad will appear. 

The ad keyword is specific enough that I will get good quality leads.

If left on broad someone can type: photographer for real estate agents in Windermere – and your ad would show up on the results.

This would lower your click-through rate because this person is not looking for a real estate agent. Because of this, your clicks will be more expensive. 

Start out with 3-5 keywords, I would start with the following:

Real estate agent in xxxxx

Realtor in xxxxx

Homes for sale in xxxxx

Make a $10 a day budget and test your targeted keywords. After 3 days analyze the results and scale and optimize your campaign. 

If you are not getting much traffic you can add more keywords. I would recommend adding more areas to the campaign. 

Nice and slow, doing this will not overwhelm you and you will not go through all your marketing budget in one day keep in mind that Google typically will overspend your daily budget.

I want to mention something because my mother who also is a real estate was paying lead agencies a lot of money.

They were charging her 10% of her commissions. After the broker fees, she was not making much on here closings. 

These companies are making millions of dollars and guess how they get the leads? It’s with search engine ad campaigns.

They get away with this because most real estate agents are not willing to put in the work on search engine ads.

Discover the cash flow possibilities you have with a personal website and marketing.

rich woman
Discover the good life today!

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