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After launching many affiliate marketing campaigns and using spy tools, I discovered Anstrex, and I decided to review Anstrex because it is an up and coming affiliate marketing spy tool.

Anstrex is an affiliate marketing spy tool. It shows your competitor’s sales funnels. With Anstrex you will see the ad, landing page, and offer. You will also see placement information such as geoinformation, network, language, date range of ad. 

A review of Anstrex should tell you if this affiliate marketing spy tool is worth the investment. A review of Anstrex will say to you how it compares to its competitors. This is exactly what you will discover in this information. 

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Within this inside look and review of Anstrex you will discover:

Anstrex review- Is it worth the investment?

When I first heard of Anstrex I looked for reviews on Google, but I could not find any. At least I could not find any that actually was from anyone who used the software. 

I was using Adplexity for my spy tool and I wanted something better. I was searching, but then a mentor of mine told me that he found a replacement for Adplexity. I was intrigued, and so I started to search for more information. The only Antrex reviews that I could find were from blogs that were written by people who only write blogs and not from a real affiliate marketer. 

This is why, after using Anstrex for a few months, I wanted to write a full review about this hidden gem. 

As an affiliate marketer, you need to develop many skills before you can create profitable campaigns. With a spy tool like Anstrex, you can leapfrog over all the other affiliate marketers that are still learning their craft. You will be able to look and model other campaigns.

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1. Dropshipping tool price

I have not used the Antrex dropshipping tool, so it would be unfair to write a review about it. However, I will say that how can you go wrong with FREE!

I just wanted to mention that the dropshipping spy tool is free. I have no idea how long that will last, but if you want to test dropshipping out, obviously, you should be using this tool, especially because it is free.

I do not know how good it is because I no longer drop ship, but since it is a free tool, every drop shipper should add it to their arsenal.

2. Native ads tool price

Anthrax Native is $59.99 a month. This is a steal compares to Adplexity, who I was paying $250 a month for. Yes, that is right, $250 a month for a spy tool that, in my opinion, was the best affiliate marketing spy tool, but I feel has been slipping recently. 

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There was a time that I could get a lot more out of the campaigns that I created from swiping ad creatives and ad copy from Adplexity. I noticed that the value that I was getting from Adplexity was getting thin. This is why I was on a hunt for a good alternative for Adplexity.

It still is a great tool for native ads and push ads but for $250 a month they better deliver the goods, and they were but it was evident that something changed. I was not seeing as much content within the software.

With native, you are only paying $59 a month for Anstrex. With there being a price difference of $190 a month, I finally found an alternative to Adplexity. 

Take advantage & look at what publisher the competition is using

If the only thing you get out of the Anstrex review is that it is $190 less a month and that it has over 10x the ads you will make the right decision.

Do not get me wrong Adplexity is a solid spy tool and has delivered winning campaigns to me but when you have Anstrex that is delivering so much more value and for so much less of an investment it becomes a no brainer of a decision. I have finally discovered an alternative to Adplexity, and my affiliate marketing campaigns have received a boost.

The other competitor for affiliate marketing spy tools is Advault

In complete full transparency, I have never used Advault. I did my research when I was ready to bring my affiliate marketing game to the next level and I chose Adplexity because of the value it was providing me with push ads. 

If you are not sure if you have just found the alternative to Adplexity take a look at the next subheading. 

Adplexity in my opinion was the better of the two and after reading reviews about the 2 I chose Adplexity. With me discovering what I did with Anstrex I do not anticipate leaving Anstrex for Advault, but you never know. Nothing in the affiliate marketing world ever stays the same. 

3. Push ads tool price review

Anstrex push ads spy tool is a little more of an investment. You will have to invest $79 a month for their push ad spy tool.

But the competitors are both charging $249 a month for their push spy tool. I tried to negotiate a deal with Adplexity because I use both the push and native spy tools. They were not willing to cut me a deal. 

An investment into your affiliate marketing business of $500 a month is well worth it when you are making thousands a month with affiliate marketing campaigns. 

It really is not about the price when you have the revenue coming in. It is about the value of the product. What will generate more of a return on investment, and for me, it has been Anstrex. It is official, an alternative for Adplexity is here, and it is for a fraction of the price!

If you are serious about affiliate marketing you will need to use both the push and native spy tools. Anstrex has a package deal that you can use both spy tools for $124.99. That is a savings of $15 if they did not offer this bundle package deal.

If you missed what I mentioned earlier, I will say it again. I use to pay $500 a month for my native and push ads spy tool. I only invest $125 now, and I have better results! This is not a complete Anstrex review yet because I have not shown you what is under the hood yet.

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If you have not decided that you just have found the best alternative to Adplexity the next subheading may do the job.

The best alternative to Adplexity?

The best alternative to Adplexity is Anstrex because it is only an investment of $124 for both their native and push ads spy tools. With Adplexity you will have to invest $500 for both of their native and push spy tools. Anstrex has more available ads than Adplexity, making them the best alternative.

It is not always about price. I am sure that you would be willing to pay more for a better product. That is why a Royals Roice is going to cost more than a Mercedes Benz. 

Both of these cars will get you to where you are going. These cars are considered to be high-end cars. But with the Royals Roice, you are paying a lot more because it is crafted with so much more detail. The craftsmanship that goes into creating that car compared to the Mercedez does not compare.

This is how I feel about Adplexity and Anstrex. They both are good affiliate marketing spy tools. If you want to get really good inspiration for your next ad campaign, you will get it from both of these tools.

However, with Anstrex, you will get more ads to choose from, and this means more inspiration to make more money. We are affiliate marketers for the money and to provide value to our leads. 

Suppose If you can make more money with this tool versus another and it actually is a lower monthly investment. In that case, it really turns into a solid business decision for your affiliate marketing business.

An alternative to Adplexity is here and it is definitely worth the investment.

Can I make money with Anstrex?

To answer the question, “if you can make money with Anstrex let us look at what is inside. This way you can make the determination yourself.

Let us look at what you will see once you start to use Anstrex, after all, what is a review without an inside look. 

I advise every affiliate marketer beginner to start out with push ads. If you want to start with paid traffic, this is the strategy I feel has the highest success rate. 

With Anstrex you will see many active ad campaigns for a variety of different verticals. Gambling and dating and sweeps all are great verticals to start testing.

You select a vertical and you can filter on language, publisher, affiliate network, time running, ect. 

Once you have filtered your results down to exactly what you are interested in running you will see all the results. I typically chose a vertical and then I take my time analyzing the results.

This is where money is made. You will have to study campaigns and learn from them. Look at the ad copy. Notice what angles are working and what creatives are working for other affiliates. 

Anstrex spy tool

Click on ads that interest you and swipe the ad title and the ad description. Create a swipe file for this vertical. This is the strategy I use, and it helps keep things organized.

Create a file for the vertical and save the ad creatives in it. Every part of the sales funnel is important, and if you slack off on one part your whole campaign is doomed.

I also look to see the placements. What publisher is the campaign running with? Is the campaign being run only on certain days or times? Where are the ads running, and what language?

All these factors need to be looked at and analyzed before you create your campaign. 

Then take a look at the landing page. The first thing I look at is whether if it is a direct link to the offer or are they warming up the traffic with a lander.

I do not run campaigns that direct link so if they have a landing page warming up the traffic, I notice if it is long-form advertorial or is it a short form advertorial.

These are the most important questions I answer when looking at a landing page:

  • Is it a long or short form advertorial?
  • Is there a video?
  • Are they using a survey?

No matter what they are using, you should eventually test every variable before scaling the campaign but I only test the campaign at the start with what I see is working for other affiliate marketers. 

I try to minimize my front end testing investment as much as possible. 

You can also download the whole landing page if you like. You can then upload it and use it for yourself. I personally like to use the landing pages as inspiration, and I enjoy building my landers from scratch but you do not have to build from scratch.

If you have a landing page building software this process of creating and or uploading landing pages will be easy.

I use Landerize as my landing page building software. I prefer them because they are fast, and that translates into more conversions (money). They also have a bunch of premade landing page themes that you can choose from and edit them how you want. 

This software does save so much time, and if you do not know how to code this is the best option. They are more affordable than other competitors, and the landing page will load faster.

Then when I have all the information, I open up my Landerize landing page software and I get to work.

After that, I create my campaign on Voluum DSP for native and either Mobidia or Zero Park for push.

The secret to beating other affiliate marketers is ...

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They are a traffic source, but they also have tracking software that I use. The tracking software works on any traffic source.

I test campaigns using Anstrex until I find one that profits money. I keep doing this process over and over. 

My process all starts with Anstrex, and without it, I would have a hard time making money online. I would have to spend hours searching through news websites to see what type of ads are appearing and then I would have to click through the funnel.

It takes hours, and now with Anstrex I can swipe 50 campaign funnels in minutes. 

Time is money, and just with Anstrex saving me money I feel that it is worth it. But I get to see so much information that it more than pays for itself. 

Yes, you can make money from Anstrex.

Are you ready to have a competitive advantage over the competition?

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