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Website design for small business should grow your brand by exposing it to people who are on the internet. Every small business should have a digital footprint on the internet and having a personal website is how your brand can achieve growth. 

Without a website, your brand and or business will not have any reach to searchers on the internet. Social media is a separate marketing platform. Google search should not be ignored because it can increase a business’s revenue. Discover how to beat the competition further down.

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How much does a website cost for a small business?

A website for a small business can cost anywhere between $2000 to $10,000. This depends on the size of the website and what features will be included on the website for the small business. However, some web developers can get the cost down below $1,000. Source

Minimal coding is needed on certain types of website developing software such as WordPress. With a website design agency that uses software like WordPress to build websites for small businesses, they can keep the cost down because a lot less time is spent developing a website on WordPress.  

This in turn will translate into savings to the customer. A website that is built on WordPress can cost about $1,000. 

For a typical website with 8 tabs and minimal blocks of text and creatives should not cost over this.

For a small business, this should be more than enough for you to begin to get traffic from the internet.

This website will have tabs like the following:

  1. Home Page
  2. Reviews
  3. Contact Us
  4. Products
  5. About Us
  6. Services 
  7. Blog
  8. Help Wanted (We Are Hiring)

Each one of these tabs will have blocks of text and pictures. The video should also be included on each page. 

Visitors to your website want to feel a connection with your brand and business. This way they can feel more comfortable taking out their wallet to pay for a service.

Nothing will do a better job of making a connection with the visitor than a video. Video content converts higher than any other form of marketing so I strongly advise you to do it.

A website with these tabs and content will let the visitor know that you are a professional business and that you will do a good job for them.

If you are shopping around for a service and one business has a website and another does not have a website, which business will you lean toward? Probably the one with a website and this is because the website gives off a sense of professionalism. 

real estate money

This is why the investment of $1,000 for a website for your small business is very important. The investment is minimal and the return can be so great.

Do not let another day go by without a website for your small business. 

Contact a web designer to build your website now and grow your small business today.

Affordable website design for a small business

Affordable website design for a small business can be obtained by shopping around for a web site designer that builds websites on platforms like WordPress. This is because with WordPress a website for a small business can be created in a fraction of the time compared to coding for a full website.

Every small business is on a tight budget and often the small business owner does not think about having a website created for them. 

This is because the small business owner thinks that the cost for a website will be a lot higher than what it can be.

Years ago a website design would cost thousands of dollars and it still can cost that much. However, by using a premade website template on software like WordPress a website for a small business can be done in a few hours versus it taking weeks to complete. 

As a small business owner, you will have to shop around for a website design company that will build a website using a template on WordPress.

At LGM Marketing Group we build our websites exactly like this. This is why we can keep our costs down and we share the savings with our customers.

Do not overpay for your website especially if it is for a small business.

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Can I create a free small business website?

You can create a free small business website if you know how to code. If you do not know how to code you can build a website on software like WordPress and Shopify for a small monthly fee. It will not be free but it will be a lot less than investing in a website design from a developer.

Building a website on WordPress will be challenging if you have never built a website before.

There is a learning curve to building websites on developing software like WordPress but the task is a lot easier with it versus without it.

You will need to set aside time to work on this project of building your website. It will not be something that can be done in an afternoon if you are new to website design.

Every small business needs a website that is optimized to rank on Google. What good is it to have a website if Google does not see it? Google does not see it which means no one else will ever find it on the internet.

If you are a small business owner and want to sa=ve money because you have a small budget I understand but it should not cost much to have your website done y a professional. 

If you absolutely can not afford to invest in a professional and want to build your website on your own, your best option is WordPress. It will cost about $10 a month for the website and whatever other features you get from apps will be extra.

Remember that you will also have to invest in Hosting. Hosting cost varies but by far the best option for new websites is BlueHost.

Blue Host has a good reliable product and the cost is affordable and this will be perfect for any small business that wants to build their website on a budget.

If you sign up for BlueHost you automatically download WordPress to your website.

You will have to open up your BlueHost and create a WordPress website right from their option screen and you are started. 

This setup is by far the best and most affordable way to build your website for your small business.

What should a small business website include?

Every small business website should have a home page, a contact us page, and a services or products page. More tabs for an about us and blog content are also good ideas. Each page should be optimized to rank on Google with a meta description. Another good idea is an FAQ section or page.

These tabs will give the visitor the information that they are looking for when they are on your website.

These tabs will also give the visitor a sense of trust when it comes to dealing with your business. A well put together website will instill trust in your brand and also will show that you are a professional business.

For a quick reference take a look at this infographic that shows you what important tabs you should have on your website.

What a website should have
  • Home Page
  • Reviews
  • Contact Us
  • Products
  • About Us
  • Services 
  • Blog
  • Help Wanted (We Are Hiring)
  • FAQ
  • Privacy policy (footer)
  • Terms of service (footer)

Notice that there also should be a privacy policy and terms of service in the footer of every page on your website. As a small business wanting to create a website for your business you will want to protect your small business from anything.

People will be quick to sue your small business if they can and covering all bases when it comes to your website will be another layer of protection for your small business.

A website is a great way a small business can have an online presence but it still has to be done correctly.

Which website builder is best for a small business? 

The best website builder for small businesses is WordPress and Shopify. If you have physical products that your business sells I recommend Shopify and if you do not WordPress will be the best option for your small business.

You can also use WordPress for an eCommerce website but Shopify does it better. Shopify is specifically for small businesses that sell physical products. 

WordPress on the other hand has many applications that can be added to your website to make your website do whatever you like. WordPress can have your website’s content ranking on Google with ease.

You can still use WordPress to sell physical products and it will be fine but Shopify makes it a lot easier to use and adding and modifying products is easier to do on Shopify.

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For a deep dive into the available website design software for small businesses, websites click here.

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It is best to set up your WordPress with a BlueHost account because it will automatically download WordPress on your website3 and you will need hosting. This way everything is streamlined for you and the process is easier.

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