What Keywords Should A Real Estate Agent Use On Google?

I have run multiple ad campaigns targeting keywords on Google for realtors because not only do we have real estate agents as clients but my wife and mother both are real estate agents. I wanted to put this article together to help other real estate agents that are interested in running their own Google ad campaign.

What are the keyword a real estate agent can use on Google: 

  1. Realtors
  2. finding a Realtor
  3. Realtor
  4. find real estate agents
  5. finding a Realtor
  6. how to find a Realtor
  7. how to find a real estate agent
  8. selling a home
  9. best Realtor near ________
  10. top realtor for buying a new home
  11. top real estate agents in ___________
  12. fastest way to sell a home in ________
  13. sell a home fast
  14. fastest way to sell a home in ________
  15. home selling tips
  16. cost of selling your home
  17. marketing your home
  18. ways to sell your home
  19. house staging tips
  20. how to stage your home
  21. foreclosure
  22. forecloures
  23. short sales
  24. cost of selling your home
  25. short selling
  26. short sale process
  27. cons of a short sale
  28. foreclosure or short sale
  29. short selling your home
  30. for sale by owner
  31. fsbo
  32. listing property for sale by owner
  33. why to use a Realtor
  34. property for sale by owner
  35. for sale by owner listings
  36. listing property for sale by owner
  37. selling your home by owner
  38. selling real estate without a Realtor
  39. best improvements for home valuation
  40. tips for selling your home
  41. short selling your home
  42. top tips to get the best offer
  43. tips for selling your home
  44. process for selling a home
  45. tips to sell your _____ home
  46. best Realtor in [neighborhood]
  47. do open houses sell houses
  48. tips to sell in under a month
  49. best Realtor in [neighborhood]
  50. top rated Realtor in [area]
  51. house for sale on [area]
  52. buy real estate
  53. buy home
  54. process of buying a home
  55. best real estate listings
  56. buy a home
  57. condos for sale
  58. find real estate
  59. foreclosures for sale
  60. multiple listing services
  61. houses for sale
  62. house 4 sale
  63. real estate agent listings
  64. condos for sale
  65. townhomes for sale
  66. town houses for sale
  67. mls listings
  68. real estate listing mls
  69. mls real estate listings
  70. first time home buyer programs
  71. first time home buyer guide
  72. best homes for first time home buyer
  73. best homes for [big business] employees
  74. home buyer help
  75. list of real estate agents
  76. reviews of Realtor
  77. horse farms outside of [area]
  78. best schools near [area]
  79. relocation Realtor in [area]

What are the keywords a Realtor should use on google? You want to make sure that you optimize your Google ad campaign. We have listed the top related keywords that the top real estate companies, brokers and realtors use. Do not run your campaign without reading this information first. Make sure that you are maximizing every opportunity you get.

What is a Google keyword?

A keyword is any word that you want to target in an ad on Google. In our case, we are real estate agents and we want anyone who needs our services and searches on Google to see our ad. For example, if someone who types real estate agent in Miami, and you live in Miami, you can use the keywords “real estate agent in Miami”. You also can use just the keywords “real estate agent” and set it up that it only shows up in the area you want. You pay Google anytime someone sees your ad and or clicks on it, so having your ad only showing up to people that you can provide a service for is important.

Why Is It Important For Real Estate Agents To Run A Google Campaign?

Where are people going when they have a life event and are in need to change their living situation? Take a look at the following infographic: 

google realtor keyword results

According to ubersuggest, there are over 1 million searches a month for the keywords “home for sale”.

With that kind of search volume, if you are not exposing yourself to this platform you are allowing thousands of dollars to potentially walk out the door each day that passes and you are not on this platform.

What Does A Real Estate Agent Need To Have To Get Ads on Google?

All you need is a website that is Google optimized. If you can get a website designed by any professional web developer you will be fine. LGM Marketing Group will design and build a website for a real estate agent for free. Hosting is all that you will have to invest in. It is relatively easy and inexpensive and many real estate agents are not marketing themselves on this platform.

A hot lead is someone who took the time to type the keywords “real estate agent in Miami” is someone who needs your services now

Having a website enables you to direct a hot lead from their search result screen to your website. From your website, you educate as you entertain and then you lead them through your contact funnel. The result is communication via email or phone. 

Why Advertise On Google And Not Facebook?

facebook and google search volume results

Look at the number from the infographic. People are still going to Google when they need a service of any kind. Usually, people are not going to Facebook and typing in the search bar “real estate agent near me”. Google is king and people search on their platform when they have a problem and they need it solved fast. At times someone may already be following a real estate agent on Facebook and they go to them but that is not usually the case, Google is king when it comes to internet searches.

What type of keywords are better to use on Google 

It is best to use keywords that have low competition. Low competition keywords cost less money per click and impression. Take a look at a few examples of low and high competition keywords:

keyword competition examples

Now you know what a keyword is and you know that the more a keyword is searched the more expensive it is for your ad to show up on that result. Always keep this in mind when putting together your keyword list on your google ad campaign.

You can add your market’s name to the keyword and make a broad high competition keyword into a low competition keyword. This will save on your cost per click.

thumbs up

Free keyword searches for real estate agents on Google

There is a way that you can get your website to show up when someone types a specific keyword that you have chosen. It is called blogging about that keyword. If you write an article on your website and you target it in the article, you can rank that article organically.

real estate money

This method is completely free as long as you do it yourself. You can hire a professional writer to do the work for you. The good thing about blogging about a specific topic is that it is free and that it can never be taken away from you unless you delete it from your website. Unlike paying for a Google ad campaign, the moment you stop paying for the ad, your ad will disappear and your website will be a ghost town. 

The best way to do this is to write a post that has the keyword in the title and you mention it 1-3% of the time in the article/blog post. For example, the keyword for this post is “Google keywords for real estate agents”. With time this article will rank with Google and when someone types in their search bar the keywords “Google keywords for real estate agents” this article will rank and show up. 

Paying for a campaign is fast and immediate but stops when you stop paying and blogging on your website about real estate in your area will take time but it is free.

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What keywords should a real estate agent use on Google?

digital marketing agency

It is best to use keywords that have low competition. Low competition keywords cost less money per click and impression. Low competition keywords are specific to an area. For example “realtor” is high competition but “realtor in sorrento” is a low competition keyword.

What keywords should a real estate agent use on Google
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What keywords should a real estate agent use on Google
Before starting a Google ad read this. It is best to use keywords that have low competition. Low competition keywords cost less money per click.
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