Why Do I Need A Website For My Small Business?

I used to own a small business in the customer service industry and I know first hand how many customers walked in through my doors from my website. This is what pushed me into the marketing industry. 

A small business needs a website so they can drive traffic from the internet over to their landing page to convert searchers into customers immediately. This can be done organically with website content or with paid ads on a search engine like Google.

In this post, you will discover the secret revenue-generating powers that a Google ranked website has.

To help my business grow I first hired marketing companies to help the business grow and I also ran my campaigns. Through the years I realized how important a website is. In this article, I want to share with you all the reasons why a website is essential to a small business.

Small business website examples of traffic and online customer contact. All three sites are 6 months old but have blog posts that are generating traffic.

Small Business WebsiteMonthly VisitorsEstimated customer contact from website
LGM Marketing Group

Special thanks to ubersuggest.com for statistics.

* Estimated customer contact based on the industry standard of 3%

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How Can A Website Help A Small Business?

There are 3.5 billion searches on Google every day. Webfx.com says that 2.46% of these searches are people looking to hire a local business. That is over 86 million searches a day that is specifically targeted for local businesses. A small business that is not taking advantage of these hot clients that are specifically looking for their services is allowing money to slip through their hands. 

facebook and google search volume results

A website can help small businesses by directing a portion of this internet traffic to its website. The searchers are typing in targeted keywords that only pertain to your business so the searcher is a hot lead that is actively searching for your specific service.

As a small business owner, you know how important it is to get clients and or customers. 86 million searches a month is a lot of traffic to ignore and in this day and age, a small business needs to take advantage of every opportunity possible. 

Understanding how a website can be used as a marketing weapon against the competition will help your business stand out from everyone else. A website paired with a marketing plan will increase your business’ revenue and it will make sure that your business stays open.  

A small business with a website can drive traffic from a search engine like Google and or Bing to a landing page on their website. Then the person who searched for a specific type of service can now become a customer. 

real estate money

The searcher starts out as a hot lead because they searched a keyword that triggered the small businesses ad to show up the search results. Then the hot lead turns into revenue for the small business.

Without a website to funnel this traffic from a search engine like Google, the small business would never be able to get this hot lead to become a paying customer. This is the number one reason why a small business needs to have a Google optimized website.

How Can A Website Bring Customers To A Small Business?

Your website connects searchers on the internet to your website that then converts a searcher that is actively searching for your services into a paying customer. With Google Ads, you can drive traffic from anyone who types a selected keyword to your website.

Think of people searching for your services on the internet as a river of water and think of your business as a bucket. 

You need to get this water from the river into your bucket. in other words, you need to get the people who are searching for your services on the internet to your business.

Your website is a pipe that connects to the water in the river and on the other end, it dispenses water into your bucket. A website connects internet searchers to your business.

A Google ad campaign is the faucet that opens to fill up your bucket with water or in other words, it opens to drive internet traffic into your business.

Once you have a website for your business and you have designed a landing page you can build and launch a Google ad campaign. You can use a different search engine if you like but Google has the highest search volume. Bing comes in second so launching an ad campaign on Bing can also be effective. 

why a smnall business needs a website

Why a small business should build a landing page on its website?

Building a sales funnel is important for your conversion rate. You want to make sure that you are taking full advantage of all the clicks that you will be getting from your Google ad campaign. 

A sales funnel leads the searcher or hot lead from the first step to the last step.

The first step is them seeing your ad on the search results and the last step is them fulfilling the call to action on your website. This can be calling or purchasing a product straight from your website.

Without a landing page, your sales funnel would just lead them from the ad to your home page on your website. Now that is not a bad thing because at least you are given a chance to get the business. But a landing page that is optimized specifically to convert this traffic would be better.

I recommend building a landing page with a video. Landing pages with video convert at a higher rate compared to landing pages with just text.

The video does not have to be professionally done or a big production. You are trying to make a connection with the hot lead and make them feel comfortable with hiring you to help them solve whatever problem they may have.

In your video, you can talk about your services and or about how your business is better than the competition or how it is different. You can take a brief tour of the office and quickly introducing the staff and their job functions.

There are marketing tactics that can be implemented while making the video to help conversions but to keep things simple let us leave it there. 

Under the video on your landing page, you can put some text to help lead them to your call to action. You can lead them to contact you or fill out a form or to purchase your product.

All these steps from beginning to end are called your sales funnel. It is called a sales funnel because you are funneling internet traffic to your business for the ultimate goal of a sale.

Congratulations, you are now ready to build your first sales funnel!

How can a small business get free internet traffic to their website?

As a small business especially if you are just starting, having a marketing budget is just not going to happen. But the good news is that there is a way to drive traffic to your website for free. 

This is by putting content on your website that your typical customer is searching for. Answering these questions in a blog post can help people that are searching for this type of help on Google.  Google will show that content on your website to the searcher for free.

At the end of the day, Google wants to help searchers find the best answers to their questions. And if you have the best answer on your website guess what? That’s right Google will show the searcher your answer.

This is free organic traffic and this traffic can convert just as well as someone who found your sales funnel through a Google ad. 

Writing this content will be hard work but will pay off. The added benefit to writing content that answers your customers’ questions is that this information will always be on your website and will never stop bringing in customers. 

Compared to paying for a Google ad, once you stop paying Google for ad space your website will be unknown and your customer flow will stop. A blog on your website will continue to bring in free traffic. 

website for small business

Does a website work for small businesses?

A small business with a website is better off compared to a small business that does not have a website. With a website, the business will look more professional. When a client looks at your business card and they see a web address on the card, it shows that that the business is a professional business and can be trusted.

If you have a website and your competitor does not this means that it gives you an advantage over them. If your competitor does have a website you have to make sure you get one as soon as possible because that business has an advantage over yours.

It is a fact that a business owning a website gives the customer a feeling of confidence when hiring the business for service. With that being said, even if the website is not optimized for ads and just sits there if hardly any traffic, it is worth it because what it conveys to your customers.

Having a website gives the impression of professionalism. This is a great bonus to owning a website. 

Another bonus is lining your Google my business to your website. Owning a Google my business page is important for any business no matter big or small. Owning a website and linking it to your Google my business page shows Google that you are a reputable company and they are more likely to show your business in more search results and higher on them.

Besides these bonuses of your website, the fact that you can direct traffic to your business from Google searches makes it a must.

With directing people who are actively searching for your services at that exact moment to your landing page will work. Why would someone type into their search bar “Lawyer near me”? It is because they need a lawyer. 

If they see your ad title and click on it and they see your video on your landing page. What would they more than likely do? Yes, they already proved that they want your service. They would contact that law firm.

and they click on your landing page and your landing page you speak about how great your law firm is

marketing plan

Do I need a website if I already have a FaceBook business page?

This is a great question and even though it is a good idea to have a business Facebook page for your small business, it is not good enough.

You still need a personal website even though you have a Facebook page. This is because Facebook will have control over your busses digital footprint. It is not a good idea to leave control of your business’s internet id to Facebook. 

We have personally seen where facebook will ban a business page and not give an exact reason as to why. What they do is email the business a genric form saying that your account was in violation and has been shut down.

Facebook has no phone customer support and good luck trying to get the ban lifted via email. We have seen business account bands about a dozen times and I remember 2 instances where Facebook reactivated the account. Again if you leave it up to Facebook, you can regret it later on.

Facebook has a long list of rules and policies and if they find out that your business page violates one of them your Facebook page is done. We have seen it enough to know that we would never recommend just having a Facebook business page.

We do not want to discourage small business owners from using Facebook but just know the dangers of only using their platform for your business. Google people having their Facebook business account banned and you will see exactly how often it happens, it is a lot!

Another reason why you should not only have a Facebook page is that they no longer show your post to nearly as many people as before. Now you may post something and it may show up on 20% of your friends feeds.

Facebook has slowed down their organic reach of your business post because Facebook wants you to pay for ads. Facebook is making money from their ads and they do not want to show your post for free.

Does a small business need to hire a marketing agency?

A small business can try and create marketing campaigns on their own but in my experience, a small business owner does not have the time to dedicate to learning marketing and then creating marketing plans and campaigns. 

The short answer is no, a small business does not need to hire a marketing agency but they need to make sure that they know what they are doing when creating a website and launching ad campaigns.

As a small business owner, you are responsible for many different tasks and adding another responsibility to your plat is not practical. We could not hire a cleaning person for my small business. I felt that I could clean the place myself after we closed. I already was putting in 10 hours a day at my business and now I was adding another hour or 2 a night to that.

Then I had to go home and still take care of ordering merchandise, payroll, taxes, accounting, etc. Having a family that I needed to somehow find a way to spend time with was hard.

You do not want to burn yourself out the way I did. It will not take long before you realized that it is better to hire a professional because they can do a better job than you can. I had to speed through it all and I was not proficient in any of these tasks because they were not my passion so they were done poorly.

My business was my passion and all the other task were like pulling teeth for me. So not only did I not have the time to do it but I sucked at it because I was rushed to perform a task that I hated doing. 

I hired an accountant and cleaning company and it freed up tons of time for me to focus on other things in my business and in my family. Once I did this my books were clean and my taxes were all accounted for and the place looked immaculate every day.

The same goes for marketing, sure you can build a website and create marketing campaigns for your business. But the question is, will it be done well?

Will your website be optimized for search engines like Google? If not you would have spent all that time learning how to create that web site and all that time creating the website for nothing. The real value in owning a website is having it ranked and recognized by Google.

What about marketing campaigns, will they be done right?

Launching ad campaigns on a social media platform and or Google will cost money. If the ad does not have ad copy that entices the searcher to click on that ad and a sales funnel that converts the searcher into a customer, that money spent on the ad will be for nothing. 

How much should a small business pay for a website?

According to digital.com a small business that needs a website that needs a website with 20 pages or less can expect to pay about $2,000 – $8,000 for the web site.

To give you a smaller range we need to look at a few factors. Does the site sell products? Will it have a payment processing portal? Will it have a picture gallary with over 10 pictures? 

If the website has extra features like a product page or payment portal expect to pay over $2,000 but if the site is a typical site without any extra features you can expect to pay about $2,000. This does not include domain registration or hosting fees.

At LGM Marketing we know how hard it is for a small business to get started and we offer a free website to startups. The new busniess is responsible for $47 a month for hosting and that is all the investment they will have to do. 

This free website inculds up to 20 pages and 20 pictures. Every page with be Google optimized with a page meta tital and description. This helps search engines like Google recognize the content and rank it.

Best website design company for a small business

Here at LGM Marketing Company we once owned a brick and mortar store. We know the struggle a small business owner has when they first open the doors and we want to make owning a website an easy process.

Contact us and ask about our FREE website build. 

We will build a Google optimized website for your business free, all you have to invest is $47 a month for hosting.

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Related Questions:

Is owning a website better than a Facebook page?

marketing for business - Orlando

Owning a Facebook page is a great idea but it is in no way better than owning your website. Owning a personal website gives you the ability to run ads on other platforms and you do not have to worry about Facebook closing your page.

Do Google ads work for a small business’ website?

digital marketing

If the Google ad targets the right keywords and the sale funnel is done in a way that converts at a decent percent it will be a great marketing strategy. Remember that you will be targeting people who are actively searching for your specific service.

How much should a small business spend on marketing?

marketing plan

The marketing budget for a small business will be different depending on the niche but a minimum of $500 monthly is recommended. Advertising on platforms like Facebook and Google charge you for impressions. Spending less may not get the amount of impressions to yield a return on the campaign.

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