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A real estate agent needs a personal website because according to homeligght.com there are 1.3 active real estate agents in the United States right now. 

The main reason why a real estate agent needs a personal website is they can stand out from the competition with marketing campaigns on Google. Every month there are over 1 million people that search “Homes for sale” and a website will help you get a piece of that traffic.

How can a real estate agent stand out from the competition? It’s by using internet marketing to help them beat out the competition, specifically creating campaigns on Google and Bing. 

Not many real estate agents have personal websites but the top-earning ones do have a personal website. 

A website that is provided by the broker is not a “PERSONAL” website. That is just a page on their website or a subdomain from their website. This has no search engine optimization that will help you rank on Google and or Bing. You have no control over it and your broker is not running a marketing campaign that drives traffic specifically to you. 

There are many lead agencies that will sell hot client leads to real estate agents. These lead agencies make millions of dollars every year because they run marketing campaigns on search engines to drive traffic to their landing page to then sell it to a real estate agent.

What if you could do the same exact thing? Imagine if you could drive traffic from the internet to your landing page on your Google optimized website. You would own your own lead agency, essentially cutting out the middle man.  

Would having people contacting you for your services change your life? If someone took the time to type into their search engine “ Real estate agent near me” that means that they need your services and if they see your website and contact you it is a win-win. They get to buy or sell a home and you get to get a commission.

This no doubt would change your life and the way you do business. Spending all day calling people who have their homes up “for sale by owner”, can be discouraging when you are not closing or getting listings. Add a marketing campaign to your strategy to fully take advantage of the hot leads that come from search engines.

The only way that you can reach these clients that are actively looking for your services on Google and or Bing is to have a website. You need a landing page on your personal website to lead them to. Without a website, you have nowhere to lead them to for the conversion.

Free real estate agent marketing tips! Click on this link “marketing tips for real estate agents”. The link is to an article that will help you earn more money with marketing secrets. 

For advanced marketing help for real estate agents ready to run Google ad campaigns take a look at “what keywords should a real estate agent use”? These tips will save you money on your Google ad word campaigns. 

How Can Advertising A Website On Google Help A Real Estate Agent?

real estate agent google searches

There are 1 million people a month that search “homes for sale”. This is a lot of people a month that are searching for your services a month. All Google search results are taken from ubersuggest.com.

The amount of search volume that is on the internet can not be ignored and if you do ignore this traffic, you will not make the amount of money that the top real estate agents are making. 

There are another 110,000 people that search for “real estate agents near me”. This means that there are 110,000 people typing into their search bar the words “real estate agents near me”. This person who took the time to type this into their search bar is what is called a hot lead. A hot lead is someone who has a problem and needs it resolved today. 

real estate money

This person needs a real estate agent to help them resolve their problem today. Their problem can be to sell or buy a home. With a Google ad campaign targeting this keyword, a real estate agent can convert these hot leads into commission checks. 

There are another 74,000 people who search the keyword “First time home buyer”. If a real estate agent targets this keyword and has an ad titled “Do you need help taking advantage of your first time home buyer program?”. The ad description can go more in-depth about how the real estate agent can help. The key is to lead them through your sales funnel and the final goal is communication between them and you. 

Nearly 15,000 people search “foreclosure homes for sale” a month. These are people looking for deals and they are willing to hire you as their real estate agent as long as you get them good deals. 

An ad on Google can target “foreclosure homes for sale”. The ad title can say “Get local foreclosure home deal list emailed to you today”. The landing page on your website can have a contact form that they have to fill out with their contact information. Once they input their information into the form you get an email with their contact information and you can email them a list of homes for sale. Now you can contact them to coordinate a face to face meeting and or schedule showings. 

Remember these people are searching for you and not the other way around. You are not selling them anything, you are resolving an issue for them and they will love you for it. 

With the number of people that are searching for your services every month, if a real estate agent is not closing on a few deals a month, this means that they are not taking advantage of this search traffic on Google and or Bing. 

What Is The Best Website Builder For Real Estate Agents?

The best website builder program that a real estate agent can use is WordPress.com. It will take some time to learn how to build the website but if you have a little computer knowledge and just want to make a website and not worry about it being optimized for Google, WordPress is the website building program for you. 

WordPress link:  https://wordpress.com/alp/?aff=36384  

A new tab will open to the Word Press price list

Wix.com can be an option if you do not feel that you will ever want to have a website rank on Google organically. It is easier to use compared to WordPress. But you will pay more a month. A WordPress site will cost about $15 a month. And a website on wix.com without their ads all over your website will cost $22 plus your hosting fee a month. 

Shopify.com is definitely the easiest web design program and checks all the boxes but will be $30 a month plus hosting fees.  

You can save a few dollars a month by choosing one of these web design programs to build your website but will it be optimized to rank organically on search engines like Google? Probably not and if you invested a few dollars more into a professionally designed website that is optimized for Google, this can mean the difference in making good money and making great money. 

Web Design Company For Real Estate Agents

Choosing a professional web design company to create your website will help a real estate agent stand out from the competition today. An investment of $47 a month will grant you the expertise of LGM Marketing Group to build your Google optimized website today. 

You save the time that it is going to take you to learn how to create a website. That time can be spent closing more deals and or getting more clients, thus getting you more commission checks. You may spend time learning how to create a website and it does not rank on Google.

A website that does not rank organically on Google for a real estate agent is not worth much. But it is better than nothing at all. At the very least you can run Google ads and lead the hot leads to your landing page on your website. If you are paying Google for ads it will not matter if you have a Google optimized website because you are paying Google for a First-page ranking. 

LGM Marketing Group can create a website for a real estate agent for $47 a month and the website will be optimized for Google. They can manage your ad campaigns on Google and this will direct a small portion of the 1 million people that are searching the keywords “home for sale” to your landing page on your website. 

If you are not sure what to ask or how much a marketing agency usually charges for their services, take a look at “How much do marketing agencies charge”? This article can save you money when deciding who to hire and it will tell you what you should know when hiring a marketing agency.

If you are still not sure about whether or not it is worth hiring a marketing agency to handle your marketing needs please take a look at this article “Is marketing worth the investment”?  

You will see a breakdown of the possible earning you can expect from an ad campaign. 

Real estate agent that needs a website created for free

LGM Marketing Group is offering for a limited time a chance for a free website design. This means a complete Google optimized website created for a real estate agent today. All that is required is an investment of $47 a month for hosting and you will have a FREE personalized website. 

I guarantee you that doing nothing will not change anything in your life but taking action will give you a chance to make a change.

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Why do real estate agents need a website?


A real estate agent needs a personal website so they can stand out from the competition with marketing campaigns on search engine platforms like Google and Bing. 110k people search “real estate agent” a month on Google.

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